23 Aug 2016

Ok so it doesn't always work out. Sometimes a great potential liaison fails. I turn that then into a fantasization. So while this story is not true, it did start out as a truth, i have just added the finishing end and written it the way i would love to have made it end.

The true part.

I was on a fantastic holiday driving a landrover through Namibia. It was a good 20 years ago, i was with my sister and her boyfriend. It was over christmas, so Namibia wasn’t full, it was hot and muggy. We took a few days off around New Year's eve, where we decided to stay in a B&B in Windhoek. There were water shortages at this time, so there were a few strange things, like we had to shower over a bucket, saving the water to use for the toilet cistern. Actually clever. Ok So we ended up in 2 separate rooms. Mine close to the pool, the others had their own room in the house. The owners were a husband and wife team, they were germans. I think the wife ran the place and hubby was on holiday from his job. He was pretty miserable old goat but the wife, although not young, was spritely and unusually attractive, albeit mature. Very strong and strained looking woman, She wore work clothes to muck out the house etc, but underneath was a firm strong body. I was definitely attracted but didn't really consider any opportunity. Nothing happened when we arrived. I awoke the next day, and i had a really glorious morning glory. I peeked outside and no one was around, so i stepped out in my shorts to test the temperature of the pool. I was still very sleepy and not paying much attention. I was enjoying the feeling of my hardon which was slowly waning as i walked out. I stood at the edge of the pool and stretched. I intentionally thrust down pushing my hardon to stretch it out as long as i could hold it, when i heard something to my left. It was the owner.

My brain went crazy, should i cover up, or let it go. Without control , it simply went to full hardness. And by fuck, my head just decided to go with the flow, see what happens. My tent was so pronounced. She was talking to me, and her eyes were flickering down. She was expecting me to cover up, but i didn't. I stood there like i was confidently allowing her to peruse my hard cock. My brain was going apeshit. I couldn't really speak properly, i answered her questions while she walked pat, and she turned and watched as i held her gaze and held my cock in full view.

When i tried to speak, i wanted to invite her to the room to fuck, but my brain said something stupid about the weather. It came out very unconfident and awkward, to which she smiled and turned away.

I almost exploded, i fucked up a great opportunity. Anyone with experience with German woman, will know that they are not shy about nudity. They will strip down and swim naked in the Orange river, walk past you with bared pussy, without so much as a blink. To us South Africans this is insanely hot.

Anyway, sitting in my room i gathered my wits. I had about 20 fantasies running, and i probably belted in and rubbed one out before continuing with the day. I was showering, when she came back. She walked in on me showering, at this point my hardon came slowly back to life. Once again i let it rise and stayed in full exposure while she explained the water system. She glanced down looked square at my erect cock and then left. Fuck twice in one day. That evening, she came back to my room. Something about the kettle and an extension cord. This time i was in my towel after having another shower, probably wanked my 3 time that day. This time i was ready. I wrapped the towel low, exposing my pubic belly right down to the base of my cock. My hardon was basically all that held the towel up. She came in and started to explain the kettle cord. A very simple thing. She was there to see me squirm or to see my cock again. I chatted normally, my head was spinning, my cock was ready, all i had to do was rip off my towel and offer it up as a sacrifice to your wet pussy. That didn't happen either. Fuck ! I was developing blisters now, but could not keep my hardon down.

Ok so that’s the end of the truth part. Nothing else happened after this.

BUT that’s where the fantasies come in, thank goodness humans were created with creative minds.

For years now i have fucked this woman over and over. Her skin has changed from pale white to dark brown. Her belly has gone from flat and ripped to slightly chubby. Her vagine, oh my have i droned in the juices of her vagina. She has walked into my mind after hours, lifting her work skirts and sitting down on my face, demanding orgasms, leaning over and sucking my cock dry. I have fucked her ass, her cunt, her mouth and everything i could think of. From the first fuck after the pool , where she turned and followed me to the room. Parting the curtains and standing there watching me as i turn around removing my shorts. Her hand slipping inside her work clothes, slipping her fingers under her panties and masturbating at the door while i move towards her with my cock naked and proud. She doesn’t move in this version, while i lower myself down placing my mouth and lips onto her wanton clitoris. Lifting her leg, to give me deeper access, she pushes my head harder. Naturally in the fantasies, there are no issues. Condoms are not required and the hubby never catches us, but in fact is a cuckold who walks in and starts to watch. We fuck for 4 hours straight, from the shower, toilet, to on the bed, the floor. Relentless sex and the rest of the world just stands still. Naturally she loves anal and can take a fist sized cock with ease (I love that part since i don’t have that exactly ) It’s my fantasy, goes my way. It’s a long time ago, and she hasn't aged a day. She used to fuck me in fantasy once a week at least. I miss her… she was real to me.