Written by Sage_Savage

09 Jun 2015

It was a cold winters evening, it had been a super long day so I was not too excited when she told me her friend was coming over for chit chat and wine. As I pull up to the front door a sudden sigh as I see this woman’s car in my driveway. "She's always such a bitch... I wish she would just..."

I really do not have the strength to deal with this woman. I open the front door and the sight of her sitting there next to my better half makes my stomach turn. I think to myself " I don’t get how one woman can be so extremely beautiful but turn into the living spawn of hell as soon as she opens her mouth"

My gf can see that its been a super long day and tells me that they'll take their wine and movies into the bedroom as its kind of chilly in the living room. It was about two hours before I heard from them... A blessing or so I thought. An odd giggle echoed down the passage as I decided to check on them.

I quietly walk into my bedroom. I’m surprised by the image of my gf laying spread out on the bed, spread wide open her friend face buried deep between my gf's legs. Her knees digging into the sheets as her tiny shaved pussy stares me rite in the face... I’m speechless, just standing there staring at them as my gf pulls a pillow over her face, her eyes still closed.

I can’t help myself... I clear my throat.

Her friend jumping up quickly, looking at me like I’m some intruder. The look on my girlfriend’s face... I’ve never seen her look so shocked. I've still not said a word. Just staring at them, I stood there in awe. They look at each other and exchange a brief smile before they both start undressing me. It felt like a lifetime as I stood there frozen, unable to move or speak.

My gf takes me into her mouth her friend going back down on her. She buries her nails deep into my hips as the starts to suck me off. I thought I was going to explode at any moment when her friend gets up and leads me over the bottom of the bed.

As she lay down flat on her back she gestures to my gf to get over her. She firmly grabs my manhood and pulls me closer. She pulls me up and starts to aim my throbbing manhood at my gf's dripping pussy. She suddenly pulls me down toward her face then slowly caresses my the tip of my throbbing junk with her tongue. She suddenly grabs my ass and jams my cock right down her throat, pushes me away again then grabbing dick firmly guides me into my girl friends dripping pussy.

Her wicked tongue gently caressing my girlfriends clit and the sides of my shaft. Every deep trust controlled by her hands.

I feel the energy rushing up inside me. I’m about to blow my load something fierce. With a less than gentle push she pushes me aside just as my girlfriend cums, she buries her face deep into my gf occasionally fingering her while going at it with her tongue. "This woman is an absolute animal... "I think as I try to gather myself.

I've never seen or heard my gf climax so hard.

She rolls my gf over and asks her to get up. We all stare at each other quietly standing around the bed. She walks over and makes my gf sit on the edge of the bed. She gestures for me to come closer. My girlfriend sucks me off a little as her friend watches and plays with herself. She tries to join in on the action but ends up playing with my gf and herself.

She pushes my gf down on the bed and quickly sits on her face. I slowly back away, admiring the sight from the edge of my bed as this woman turns around into a 69 position for some full on girl on girl action without my interfering. My girlfriend savouring the taste of another woman for the very first time. They go at it for what feels like an eternity, moaning and squealing.

The sexual tension in the air has me addicted to the ecstasy. The anticipation is killing me... wondering who is going to climax first. I am completely surprised when I see my gf's friend's entire body start to shake and loud moans fill the air.

I walk up, both of them looking at me... making turns at wetting the tip of my man hood she tells my girlfriend to let me give it to her doggy style so her friend can watch. Both of us looking at her... slowly playing with herself whilst watching us. I think to myself that I don’t ever want this to stop. She pulls my gf away just as I get into a rhythm, pulls me down onto my back and tells my gf to get on top of me. She unexpectedly sits on my face and starts to make out with my gf... I can think of nothing other than to try and contain myself, concentrating on not blowing my load and ending it for all of us.

With quite a bit of effort I manage to get them both off me as I’m on the edge of exploding.

I ask them to both come over to the side of the bed asses up chins down, ordering the both of them to close their eyes tightly. I walk around to the side of the bed and start to eat out my gf as I finger her friend with my right hand after a few seconds I swop, now eating out her friend whilst fingering my gf with my left hand. I continue to go back and forth making sure that I spend the exact amount of time on both. I quietly get up using both hands to tease whilst I often stop and tease, rubbing the tip of my rock hard throbbing cock from the tip of the clitoris towards the vaginal entrance and slightly entering.

I then start with my gf briefly penetrating her completely for a few consecutive thrusts. She moans loudly as I start to increase the spread and aggression of thrusting, I then swap over to her friend repeating the exact same, she explodes with loud moans and climaxes almost instantly.

I go back to my gf determined to finish what I started as the urge to make my gf climax without interference has been eating at me and a strange jealousy has fully set in. Being jealous of a woman able to make my better half climax like I've never experienced it before.

I hold her hips firmly, slowly and consistently trusting, I find pleasure in the way the moans and I can feel het vaginal walls tightening down on my throbbing shaft. She suddenly bursts out moaning loudly, her body trembling as I rapidly pound into her. I notice her friend just laying there smiling, staring at us as if we were a live sex show there for her enjoyment only... I get that feeling of pure energy building up inside me again but I keep at it. Pounding just pounding, she cums again... I suddenly get to a point where I cannot contain myself any longer, I pull out quickly and explode a massive load.

I cant stand up straight. I find it difficult to stand up at all... I stumble over to the bathroom to clean myself only to find my gf and her friend spooning under the warmth of the feathery duvet. I decide to lay down next to my girlfriend but only for a min. The three of us woke up the next morning, still spooning still naked. The ultimate cuddles, my gf the middle of a sexy sandwich.