Written by mark

15 Nov 2016

It started with a phone call just like so many I had received before, another call out in the vicinity of the CBD. I gathered my tools together and made my way through the suburbs and the incessant traffic that was almost a constant now, no matter the time of day.

I arrived at the house mentally preparing myself for meeting another stranger and having to find a fault that could be anywhere.

When I hit the intercom button I realised stupidly that there wasn’t any power and therefore the intercom would not be working so I called out “Sandy” at the top of my voice to attract the clients attention. I heard a hurried gait down towards the pedestrian gate and a key in the lock, which opened to reveal an exceptionally attractive middle aged woman. “Thanks so much for coming to help me, I have had no electricity for 2 hours now and all my neighbours have assured me that they still have power.”

I shook her hand and I ran my eyes over her body drinking in her sexiness. She oozed it from every pore, her mouth silently whispered “take me”, her eyes were daring me. Her body begged to be touched and I had to check myself there and then in order to maintain at least a semblance of professionalism.

She took me inside her house and showed me the troublesome electrical DB, which I proceeded to open up in order to start fault finding. We made small talk whilst I worked, during which I discovered that she was single and had 2 kids who were both out of the house studying. She had been divorced for 5 years and she still maintained a good relationship with her ex who had got remarried to a much younger woman.

I caught myself thinking “Why would any man find a younger woman sexier than this gorgeous woman?”

The fault was an easy fix…just a circuit breaker needed replacing and I remembered that I had a replacement in the bakkie. I excused myself and fetched it from the vehicle just wishing I could spend some more time with this incredible woman and if for nothing else just to revel in her beauty.

Quick changeover done and she danced with joy as I switched everything back on and did a quick run around the property testing everything for her.

I said that I would email her an invoice and she gave me her business card with all her details on it.

I shook her hand and looked into those beautiful eyes as she thanked me profusely for coming out so quickly.

I got into my bakkie and sighed to myself, another job well done and another happy client.

Later that evening my phone beeped with a message from Sandy…it read “Hi Mark I know its not very appropriate with you being married but I am sitting here thinking how much I enjoyed chatting with you today. You really seem to listen which is rare with people these days. Would you like to grab a coffee with me during my lunchbreak on Monday, it would be so nice to see you again?”

I reread the message again and again making sure that I was not getting the wrong impression, I could see Sandy was still online probably nervously awaiting a response from me. Of course I would meet her, I would be a fool to deny myself the chance to be with her again.

My reply was “you name the time and place and I will be there”

Big smiley face from Sandy and I quickly deleted the message.

We met at 13h00 on Monday at a cute coffee shop just around the corner from Sandy’s work, she was wearing these skinny jeans that showed off her fabulous figure. I envied those jeans, at how they got to press so tightly against her legs and hips and thighs. She was just as gorgeous as before but now I could focus on her entirely.

I loved her skin tone - with me being so fair I had always found an olive sinned woman very attractive – she wore her makeup very tastefully and her clothes were exceptionally complimentary.

We chatted and soon slipped into a deep conversation about life, subconsciously moving closer and closer until we were touching knees. We were in a world of our own totally absorbed in each other.

The waitress timidly approached us and asked if we would like the bill as she was going off shift which brought us back to reality, she had her hands on my legs and I realised how nice it was to feel her touch on my skin. She actually had slid her hands just inside the bottom of my work shorts, her hands were warm and soft and I had to have this woman.

She made a quick call whilst I sorted out the bill and then she approached me with the sexiest look on her face that I have ever seen. “I have just called into the office and I am not going back this afternoon, would you like to come back to my place?” Sandy asks.

I glance at my phone which I had put on silent and made the very easy decision to ignore the 5 missed calls. “Sure I replied, I will see you there”

I drove to Sandy’s place with a sense of anticipation and excitement I had never known before. I had never desired a woman so much in my life.

This time the intercom did work and it buzzed just like I was. My groin was on fire with my need for her. She met me at the front door and grabbed my hand pulling me past the electrical box where it had started a meagre 48 hours earlier and into her room.

She turned to me and our lips met with a fierce passion, no tongue just soft lips and gentle tugging and pulling. We both moaned deeply and I inhaled her breath pulling her deep inside my lungs. She was intoxicating and I knew I would never get enough of this woman.

She opened her mouth and I dove between her lips with the tip of my tongue, hungrily searching for her tongue, we teased each other with our mouths whilst our hands started exploring each others bodies. She had the soft womanly feel coupled with a firm toned body that I loved.

I dropped to my knees pulling her blouse up exposing her tummy and I ran my tongue down to the top of her skinny jeans, I unbuckled her belt and popped the button at the top of her jeans. Her underwear confirmed that she was a woman in touch with her sexuality. A black lace g-string with bright pink trimming covered her sexy mound as I wrestled those tight jeans off of her hips.

I ran my tongue across the top of panties and then down the sides round to the inside of her thighs, the heat emanating from her pussy was tangible on my face and lips as I wrapped my mouth over her panty clad pussy mound, enclosing it in my open mouth. I dragged my tongue over her clit and Sandy groaned her appreciation.

The next mind blowing discovery was that I could feel that she was completely smooth through her panties, now a woman is a woman but I love a smoothly shaven pussy and even enjoy shaving my partner as foreplay sometimes.

I had to taste her and pulled her panties to the side, in front of me was the most delicious looking pussy. I could see how turned on she was and as I teased her with a light touch of my tongue, tracing her pussy lips and then sucking them into my mouth. Looking up at her and seeing the look in her eyes drove me on as I simply wanted to devour this woman and make her feel the intensity that I was.

She came in my mouth which started with the rolling of her hips in time to the strokes of my tongue as I explored all of her. I wanted this beautiful sexy woman to feel the passion and lust I had for her.

I could tell that she really felt her orgasm, rode it like the wave that it is, climbing the peak and slowly descending through it.

I was so turned on experiencing her pleasure that I had the hardest cock squashed inside my shorts and I really needed to free it up. Sandy dropped down next to me and fumbled for my belt desperate to feel me. She groaned as she felt my hard girth and whispered in my ear how much she needed to feel me inside her.

She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me, rubbing her wetness all over the tip of my cock, the heat and slipperiness of her made me want her even more as she teased me.

I let her play till her heart was content, there was no way I was going to shorten this experience by letting my lust overtake me. I would wait as long as she wanted to tease me.

Sandy slowly took more and more of me inside her, both of us relishing that delicious feeling that penetration brings until she could go no further, I could now feel her heat on my balls and she began sliding up and down over my full length. The intensity building and building I finally released her beautiful c-cup breasts from her blouse and bra and sat up run my tongue around the sides of her boobs. She had such responsive nipples and soon she was directing them one by one into my mouth for a gentle nibble.

She was now riding me with a lot more vigour and I smiled to myself knowing that this desirable and sexy woman was about to come with me inside her.

I felt her pussy muscles working on me which made my orgasm well up, she smiled at me and said “I am ready I want you come with me”

Who am I not to oblige her as we gripped each other tight and exploded together, joined and as one.

I am not one for cuddles after sex but with this woman it was a pleasure, we lay there smiling at the ceiling and every now and then one of us would laugh. Blown away by the sex we had just had.

It was starting to get dark when Sandy eventually turned to me and said “I am not expecting anything from you but I would love it if we could make this a regular thing nsa”

Needless to say I never billed Sandy for the original call out and we make a plan 1 a week for a session of mind blowing sex. She sends me sexy selfies all the time, especially when she has bought herself some new sexy outfit or underwear, I have never been happier.