Written by pretoriafun

16 Feb 2012

Me, your friend and I are in the shower together. Just to get clean after the days work. You stand there, between us and we each wash you with a soft sponge. We take care to wash every part of your body, and you do the same to us. The water is not to hot or cold, and the light is of to give the right atmosphere.

Between the washing, me and him take turns to kiss you, you play along, you touch the one to kiss you on the lips and point to where you want to be kissed and we do so, everything in silence. the only sound in the shower is your soft moans and the sound of the water. Your hands play over our bodies, just coursing it, softly you run your finger over every part of our bodies, directing who must kiss you and where.

Then I start to shave your leg and your friend is quick to follow. We stand on our knees, looking up at your beautiful body, your blue eyes looking down un us, enjoying the site, two men, just here to please you, to be enjoyed like you want to. The raiser move slowly up your legs, each of us working slowly, making sure you enjoy our attention. We reach your inner thigh and you part your legs, just enough to give us access. We shave you clean, around your pussy, wile you are playing with your fingers through our hair. You touch one of us on the lips and direct him to your waiting clit. He gladly obey and start to kiss and softly play with tongue around you, just entering you slightly, teasing you.

The other one, you direct him to your waiting mouth, to kiss you. First the kiss is soft, just touching your lips, your mouth open ever so slightly, to encourage more. I answer, opening my mouth a bit, softly our lips touch again, my finger tips, running up and down on your back, and my other hand, holds your neck very lightly, just touching you. The kiss becomes passionate, our tongues are playing with each other, our lips sealed in a kiss.

Then after what felt like eternally, we feel your friends lips joining ours, both of us are now taking turns to kiss you, deeply, passionately. We taste each other on you and you are fully enjoying the attention you receive from us. Then you go down on your knees, and you take the raiser and start to shave us clean. While you are busy shaving him, I start to kiss you from behind. You part your legs, I move in under you, so that I can reach your soft, beautiful pussy. I start to lick you, from your ass-hole up to your clit. From where I am, I can see your breasts reacting to my stimulation, your soft moans telling me, keep going, I love what you do to me. Every now and then I let my tongue slide softly in between your lips, tasting you, enjoying the fluids you give to me. We change places so that you can shave me to.

You take your friend by his manhood, making him lay on his back. Slowly you sat down on him, facing away from him, taking his whole length into you. Yet you do not ride him, you just sit on him contracting your muscles around him. You start to shave me as well, playing with my balls and my dick. Our eyes lock, you wink to me and then you slide your index finger into me. At first I am surprised, but then I start to enjoy your touch and I open my legs for you. After a couple of minutes you lay back on your friend, you direct my dick towards you. I enter you, both of us are now in you, two men pleasing you, filling you, at the same time. Your face lits up, when the both of us start to move in and out of you. At first we struggle to get a rhythm going. Then it happens we start to move as one big penis in you, sliding slowly in and out, in and out. Your friend reach around and start to play with your breasts, softly he makes circles around and over them.

i reach over and start to kiss you softly, on your neck, on your cheeks, eyes and mouth. The passion grows to lust, and our movements follow our lust. We enter you deeper, fuller and our movements become faster. Then you let out a moan, a soft scream of pleasure, your entire body goes into a spasm, taking you to a huge orgasm. You start to squirt, pushing your fluids past us, wetting both of us.

Your climax drive us over the edge, and we both climax almost at the same time. I slide out of you and start to kiss you, between your legs, softly running my tongue over your clit. Your friend are still in you, becoming hard again when he see me moving down on you. My tongue plays with you softly sliding over you, I kiss you softly on your thigh’s . You grab the back of my head and direct me back to your pussy, you guide my mouth and probing tongue to your entrance telling me to kiss and and lick you, sliding my tongue in you, tasting you, tasting us.