04 Feb 2019

Hubby is looking for a guy to share his wife with, so I send them this message. Titled A fantasy.

I would imagine we have a few drinks and some fun conversation with your wife getting more comfortable and revealing all the while.

Me flirting with her and complimenting her, she puts her hand on my leg comfortably once we go for a sit down on the couch - the drinks were so "tireing" , I continue to make smalltalk while caressing her lower back, stroking her under her shirt.

She whispers to me, why am I not more daring, her hubby wont mind...

I respond by running my hand around her back to her thigh, pulling her closer to me in the process.

She crosses her leg folding it over mine and rubbing my leg with hers.

Just as I start getting comfortable fondling her she disappears for "refreshments" - us guys pass knowing glances at each other.

When she returns with some more drinks in her hands, I invite her to sit on my lap and she obliges, and spreads her legs for you to see shes not wearing any underwear. I forget about the drink, and the touching and fondling continues, turning into kissing and she unzipping my pants.

Her gorgeous tits are halfway out her sexy looking lace bra, and my mouth easily finds a nipple to suck while spreading her ass cheeks so her hubby can get a better view.

Soon none of us have any clothes on and she seems to be enjoying putting on a show for her hubby, rubbing her pussy along my shaft and covering my face in her tits while she smiles mischievously at you, eyeing your cock getting hard for her.

As her wet pussy slides along my shaft she leans over for a kiss from you and then takes you in her mouth while I shift over to lick her moist pussy and suck her clit.

She turns around with her hot as to me spreading her legs, inviting me in while she plays with her hubby.

I try to slide in slowly, but her pussy is so wet my cock gets practically sucked in and she gives a slight moan, grabbing tighter to what shes holding.

Shes enjoying getting fucked from behind, sitting up, showing off her tight pussy getting penetrated, getting her luscious breasts fondled.

Unable to stay in that position I fall back and she mounts me cowgirl style with her breasts in my face, smiling and licking her lips at her hubby while thrusting down on me, I grab her ass and thrust in time until we cum hard, she moaning and gasping and me grabbing hard, pulling her onto me as I cum and relaxing as she slowly rides off me.

She knows her hubby is gonna fuck her like there no tomorrow afterwards and she cant wait...

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