Written by TryNewThings

30 Jul 2015

So a fantasy of mine started when we went to that swingers club and we met that older experienced man. Basically it is my birthday or some surprise and so you say let's leave our son with his grandparents and fly to JHB I have a surprise. Before we go out you say as part of the surprise I have to shave and so you shave me bald. You and I go out for dinner and we are playing some of your games. Maybe it is the one about two teenagers who can't get their hands off each other and we in a quiet Restaurant with a booth which is dark so people can't see.

We have a couple of drinks and are horny and having lots of fun. We are tickling each other and playing with each other but you say, not too fast, we need to go home as I have a surprise. When we get home you tell me I need to get undressed and put on only a towel. Then you say I am going to sit in this chair. You need to open the door when it rings and do whatever you are told. I sit there waiting in appreciation and nervous.

Next the door bell rings and I open it. It is the older dude from the swingers club. He says hello, comes inside and before the door is even closed he pins me up against the wall and gives me a long dramatic kiss. While he is doing this he is playing with my balls. Then he drops to his knees, takes off the towel and starts to lick around the base. His finger is also probing up my bum. Then he deep throats me and shoves his finger deep inside at the same time. It feels amazing. I am against the wall and looking over at you as we are eye to eye. Eventually I can't take it anymore and I cum and he swallows it all.

Then he says go over to the bed and kneel on all fours. He proceeds to come behind me. He is playing with my balls and then I feel his tongue rimming me. He keeps playing with my balls and shaft with his hands and his tongue is doing circles and then deep penetrating. Then he says lie flat. You stand up and hand him the massage oil. It is clear you had discussed this. He climbs up on my back, legs straddled either side and starts to massage my shoulders and back. Then my bum but he is getting right in there. Then you hand him a condom. The next thing I feel he is going horizontal and both his hands he places over the top of my hands. He comes up to my ear and starts to kiss it. Then he says,"enjoy" and he slides up into me. Penetrating the whole way. It is so sore but feels amazing.

I look at you and I am wincing and I wink. He is going faster and faster and it is amazing to experience what it is like to be ridden. Then he explodes. And tenses all up. It is an amazing feeling. He gives me a hug from behind and then stands up and says hope you enjoyed your first time. Now I am sure you want to do the same to your missus. He leaves. I notice the whole way through you are playing with yourself and you are so wet. You couldn't believe what a turn on it was and so I rip your panties off, pick you up over my waist and push you against the wall. I am going deeper and deeper and because I have already cum I have staying power. You are so turned on and just let yourself go. I can't believe the intensity and then we both explode and for the first time you actually scream, "oh my god, fuck me, can't believe this! I have never experienced this!" We just hug for a while and then go and lie on the bed and cuddle. After a while I just ask, how did you organise that and you say, "I have a few more tricks up my sleeve!"