Written by Mason2016

29 Apr 2016

I know you guys are used to me writing factual stories here, but here is one that is a fantasy of mine and would love to make it a reality some time should I find the right person on here that just wants some fun with an Indian guy like me. Here goes:

I meet this lady over chatting. We get know each other and somehow hit it off. Anyways a day comes when the lady agrees for me to come over to her place/hotel. As I arrive I let her know that I am there and she arranges that her door is unlocked and tells me that when I enter I should just lock the door as she will be in the shower. I enter her room lock the door and hear the shower running. I strip off all my clothes and make my way to the bathroom. As I slowly push the door open , some steam escapes the room and I see her sexy silhouette through the steamy shower doors. I open the door and enter the shower , her back facing me and my dick getting semi hard as I look at the water running off her sexy body and that sexy arse.

I step closer to her sliding my one arm around her sexy waist as I kiss her neck and she feel my stiffening cock against her sexy arse. She moans softly and arches her arse up so that she can feel just how hard my cock is and then slowly she reaches back and holds my cock and slowly jerks it up and down. I slide my arm off her waist as my hand glides down between her sexy thighs and runs over that smooth clean shaved pussy of her and I cup her pussy lips and rub them in unison with her stroking my stiff cock. She lets out a moan and then turns to face me as we kiss and suck on each other’s tongues moaning into one another’s mouth while she still jerks my cock and I manage to slip two fingers deep inside her wet and wanting pussy.

She stops kissing and with both her hands she gently pushes me back against the shower wall and starts to nibble my ear as she s licks me down the neck. Twirling that tongue of her’s around my nipples as I feel her tongue gliding lower down and she is on her knees and then feel her lips bounce off my shaft as she kisses my cock all over and the smiles as she pressed her lips on the tip and slowly opens her mouth as she starts to suck my shaft. I move my hips slowly as I place a hand on her head and fuck her mouth making sure she deep throats me and gags a little. She brings her head up for air and starts licking my balls and sucks on each nut one at a time and then goes back to my shaft taking it all the way back in and starts to milk it. I feel her moans on my cock as I get harder and can feel the cum churning in my balls heating up getting ready to explode.

Her moans become more seductive as she looks up at me with those seductive eyes and her mouth full of my cock and I tell her I am going to cum, she bops her head faster and milks me with her hand as her tongue slips off my tip and she directs it to her tits I shoot my load all over her sexy tits and she keeps milking me with her hand watching as spurt after spurt lands on her lovely tits. She then licks my cock clean and I help her up as I wash my spunk off her sexy body and I finger her sexy arse while we kiss and she turns off the shower. We dry each other off as we step into her bedroom and as she lays on her back, I spread her legs and while I kiss her and then she feels my tongue gliding all her a soft naked skin and I suck on her nipples one at a time getting them both erect as her breathing becomes erratic and she moans louder and louder as she feels my tongue going lower down.

I reach her warm pussy and my lips gently kiss her inner thighs getting closer to her sweet pussy that starts to get moist, I kiss her pussy mounds and slowly snake my tongue between those sexy folds causing her to arch her back, and place her one leg over my shoulder sliding her heel down my back as she grabs my head with both hands moaning out a loud feeling my tongue hit her clit as I suck on her pussy and swallow her yummy juices as she screams in orgasm begging me not to stop and screaming for me to allow her to ride my now rock hard cock.

The End.