05 Apr 2017

I had been chatting to this lady on this site for a while now and we hit it off from the get-go. Chatting was easy and we could carry on from where we left off days, even weeks, after last chatting. She had some beautiful pictures posted and she had access to mine. Everything, in my mind at least, was perfect. I had even caught brief glimpses of her on the web cam.

Soon the idea of meeting in person was broached and that is when the hard work started. We were seldom in the same place at the same time. Eventually our paths crossed and a time and venue was agreed and then the clocks slowed down. We were to meet at seven and I had five hours to wait. Time never flies when you want it to, but all good things do come to those that wait.

We actually met on the pavement just before the Bistro so the first physical contact was a surprise to both of us and out in the open like two long last friends hooking up for a drink after work. It just felt so natural. She was as beautiful and as engaging as I had imagined and soon we were sipping drinks and watching the sun set, chatting like we always did only without the click of the key-board and the damn back-space button.

As we finished up our drinks and snacks I suggested we take a short walk on the beach. We set off across the road side by side and on reaching the sand, kicked off our shoes, picked them up and headed for the water’s edge. Walking along the water’s edge close enough that our hands touched and soon our fingers were intertwined. It was warm out with little wind and I just blurted out that we should go for a swim. Her immediate reaction was no, we can’t do that, what will we wear? And won’t people see us? All good points I told her and then put my mind to pulling them apart. It was really dark so being seen was not really an issue. We could swim in our under-wear or in the nude. It would not make a difference really as it was dark. I could feel her hand trembling in mine when she gave the OK and that she would keep her panties on. So we went in search of flat dry spot to leave our clothes and valuables. Once undressed we confirmed one last time that we were going to do it and strode with purpose to the water. Half way there she stopped and said that her white panty was really standing out and that she thought it would be a good idea to remove them. Telling me to wait she ran back and removed them. Once more by my side she took my hand and we set off once again.

The initial shock of the water took our breath away but soon we were wading deeper into the water. The waves were small and as they approached she would stand on her toes. I put my hands on her waist and helped lift her. One wave in particular caught us by surprise and she flung her arms about my neck and her legs around my hips.

Then we kissed.

Her lips were soft and salty. Her body was trembling in my arms as I held her close. Her tongue was hesitant yet adventurous. Her nipples, now rock hard, were boring into my chest. Our breathing was hard and my cock, having bounced back from the initial cold, was nudging gently between her thighs. All the sensations I was feeling were almost too much as the kissing intensified and I now had one of her arse cheeks in each hand. Soon the chilly water cooled our ardour and we headed to the sanctuary of our clothes.

Taking my tee shirt I patted her dry and, thrilling in the feel of her body, helped her get dressed. Once we were dressed we sat on the cool sand, her in the circle of my arms, and chatted and kissed as one. On our walk back we vowed to meet again under warmer circumstances and pick up where we had left off. The kiss good-bye was bitter sweet but I could not complain, I had just had my dream date.