16 Feb 2019

What a wonderful day to spend on the beach. It is nearing the end of summer but it is still hot enough to top up my tan. So on this hot, sultry, and cloudless day I have made my way down to the beach. It is still early morning and there are almost no pother people on the beach so I have found myself a nice secluded spot behind a small sand dune – close enough to the sea to run down every now and then to cool off, but secluded enough to not be overlooked by everybody else on the beach.

As I lie on my blanket reading, I notice a stunningly beautiful woman walking towards me. She is tall, has blonde hair, long sexy legs and wonderful full tits topped with big erect nipples. She is wearing a bright yellow bikini that barely contains her voluptuous breasts. Although I can see her legs, she is wearing a sarong so I can't see if her pussy is also barely covered by the g-string…. But I'm sure it leaves very little to the imagination. As she approaches me she can scarcely not notice me admiring her. A smile crosses her lips and her tongue flick out and moistens her lips as she flicks the long hair from her face. She stops about 3 meters from me, turns her back on me, removes her sarong, and bends over to spread a blanket on the ground. This gives me a great view of her extremely sexy arse…. Beautifully exposed by the very tiny g-string she has on. In fact…. As she bends over I can even make out the shape of her pussy as the thin material frames them. I'm sure she knows I'm watching as she prolongs the process – even wiggling her sexy bum ever so often. The sight of this sexy woman before me has made my cock hard immediately – fortunately I am lying on my stomach.

Having finished spreading the blanket, she sits down facing me and to my amazement, removes her bikini top exposing her tits to my full view. The nipples are pink and succulent and erect. She sits with her legs slightly apart causing the material of the g-string to slip between the pussy lips. She takes her suntan lotion out of her bag and begins to spread it over her legs, thighs, stomach, and finally those wonderful tits. As she covers her tits with lotion she closes her eyes dreamily and plays with her erect nipples – putting on a great show for me and causing my cock to throb even more. As her eyes are closed I slip my hand under me and begin playing with my throbbing prick…. Imagining sticking it in that sexy mouth barely 3 meters from me. I am so engrossed in this fantasy that I have not noticed she has open her eyes and is watching me.

She just smiles and asks me if I'm enjoying myself or if I have time to put some sun tan lotion on her back? Of course I have time… what a question. I jump up forgetting my erection will be visible through my thin costume. When she sees it she laughs and tells me she is glad she still has that effect on men. She takes a smoke, lights it and then rolls over onto her stomach for me to lotion her back. I gently rub the lotion all over her back and behind her legs. I pay particular attention to her inner thighs, allowing my fingers to barely touch the folds of her pussy lips. This causes her to giggle and squirm… rubbing her pussy harder against my hand. When I finish she rolls over onto her back allowing me to get a full view of her tits. She gently lifts her but and in one motion, peels off her g-string revealing her cunt in all its glory. It is clean-shaven, pink, and wet. She says to me that I must put lotion on it as well otherwise her pussy lips will be red and sore from the sun and not from the wonderful fucking they normally are. I gladly begin to rub lotion on it feeling the lips part and the hot, wetness to be found within. She lies back smiling, smoking, and murmuring with pleasure as I continue to stroke her pussy. Unbeknownst to us we have an audience – a strapping young man with a huge cock that is standing a few meters away watching us and playing with his cock.

I continue to insert my fingers into her cunt. I kneel down and begin to flick at the clit with my tongue. I then begin to finger-fuck her and to lick and suck at her cunt lips and wonderful erect clit. She suddenly shivers and groans as a climax washes over her cunt. She laughs again and sits up. She flicks away her smoke, tells me to stand. She reaches up and frees my cock from the confines of the costume. She begins to pump up and down on the shaft of my cock and with butterfly flicks of her tongue, licks away the pre-cum that oozes out of it. Then she takes my whole cock in her mouth and begins to suck hard on it. What a wonderful feeling – this woman knows how to pleasure a man. She suck and licks and bites softly, she plays with my balls and even sticks a finger up my arse to massge my prostate. This almost has me shooting my load of hot sticky cum in her mouth. So I quickly withdraw and tell her I want to fuck her now if I may. I want to feel the muscles of her wonderful cunt around my throbbing dick.

As we are positioning ourselves for a doggy style fuck, she notices the young man. She motions him over and tells him to sit on the blanket in front of her so that she can suck his cock as I fuck her from behind. He does this willingly and as I shove my hard, throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy she begins to suck on the huge purple head of his enormous prick. The sounds of sucking and licking, his groans of pleasure and the sensation of the tight muscles of her cunt are breathtaking. I fuck her hard and fast and she screams in pleasure. I lean forward and play with her tits and pinch her nipples. Suddenly her cunt begins to spasm in orgasm, this spurs me on, and as she shouts out for me to fuck her harder I feel my orgasm building deep within my swollen testicles. Then suddenly my knees go weak and I begin to shoot my load of cum deep into her pussy. At the same time the young man has too is cumming and shooting his load in her mouth. As my throbbing cock continues to pump into her pussy, orgasm after orgasm flows from her and she moans with pleasure and swallows all the young man's cum.

I fall down exhausted next to her and she laughs. The young man has jumped up, pulled up his costume over his now flaccid cock and headed for the hills with barely a wow and thank you. This make both of us laugh. As we lay there in the sun in the afterglow of orgasm I still cannot believe my luck. She tells me her name finally – it is Rose. What a fitting name for someone with a pussy that is as sweet as a rose and tastes and smells like heaven. We suddenly notice that we are again being watched. The young man must have run off and told his buddies because here in from of us stand two more youths – cocks in hand ready for fun.

Rose motions them over and orders them to remove their costumes. She kneels between them and starts playing with their cocks. One is almost as big a prick at the first young man while the other one's cock is a little smaller but no less swollen. She motions for the one with the smaller cock to lie on his back. She then straddles him with her back to his face and slides his cock deep into her wet pussy – still lubricated with my cum. Then she withdraws and he groans. But In one motion she moves slightly forward and buries his cock to the hilt up her arse. She then leans back lying on his chest causing his cock to bend painfully. Fortunately the young mans cock is big enough not to slip out. This position has exposed her cunt and she motions the other youth with the big cock over. She helps him and guides the tip of his cock to the wetness of her pussy. Once the tip is inserted he shoves it all the way in. She then teaches them how to take turns to thrust and withdraw their cocks in sequence. They are young and learn quickly. The sight before me has my cock rigid again. I the throws of passion she glances at me and notices it. She calls me over and tells me to put it in her mouth. I straddle her and the youth below and insert my cock into her mouth. She cannot really move so she isn't really giving me a blowjob… it is more like I am fucking her in the mouth. She groans and murmurs in utter pleasure as she continues to be fucked in every orifice. Suddenly the two young men begin to shout that they are cumming. Within seconds the both cum and shoot their loads deep within her hot wet cunt and arse. This pushes her over the edge again and multiple orgasms wash over her. In the throws of the orgasm she sucks hard on my cock willing me to cum too. Then without warning, I do. She laps up every last drop of cum.

With smiles on their faces the youths stand, put on their costumes, thank Rose and I for the fun, and tell us they have to leave because they are lifeguards and are late for their shift. Pearl and I continue to lie next to each other…. Barely touching but knowing the other is there and that this day of fantasy fucking has only just begun.