Written by Slutty Amy

14 Jan 2018

9:48am.. standing in kitchen. Nothing but a t-shirt on, i can see my chest moving..pulsating, my gorgeous breasts and hard nipples.. my heart is racing as I crave him.

I can feel my pussy muscles tighten and flex..the throbbing action as i find myself lost in thought fantasizing about what i want him to do to me.

Driving in his car, talking away as usual, because im amazing with my twisted sense of humour. He pulls the car over, tells me i talk to much and grabs my face and kisses me intensely.. "fuck this" he murmurs. He gets out the car and walks to my side, i am dazed and confused yet at the back of mind i am praying His going to fuck me in every way. He pulls me out of the car by my hair.. "what the fu..". He slams my body into the car, pulls my skirt up, forces his hand between my fat thighs and pushes aside my panty..gentle touch on my clit.. my insides are shivering..it's been so long. He then forces in 3 fingers, no warning..just short, deep thrusting strokes in me. I could feel my eyes rolling in their sockets.. "fuckin hell". My cunt just went level 8 water restriction to a tsunami.

He spins me around and by my hair drops me to my knees, he lets out his bulging cock.. i feel teary eyed at the sight of my georgous Baby.. proud knowing it's all mine to devour... and i do. All of it in my wet messy mouth, spit dripping down the sides..his meat hitting the back of my throat as he fucks my face.

He lifts me by my hair and kisses my dripping wet mouth, takes my tits out my bites my nipples and slaps them. Pulling by my hair he positions me at passenger side, head down onto seat..ass up and skirt pulled over it. His gentleman side completely gone..just a Beast ravishing Me..pounding away at my cunt..my fat ass is burning..the tingling sensation of how he spanking me..the full intention of hurting me... desire shown as too how much he missed my body.

"You fuckin Mother Fucker": my screaming words fills the air as he gave me no warning.. He just rammed his hard cock into my ass hole. The immense pain and pleasure of my ass being fucked that hard... i was having sucidal thoughts, like maybe a 4th child is not such a bad idea... thats how good his hard cock felt inside of me.

He yanked me out of car and i fell seated down on the floor.. i was mesmerized by all the cum on my face..scooping it up with my fingers an eating every last drop i could find.

Driving off.. a glowing smile on my face as i caress my sore cunt. His words is falling on deaf ears as i lick my lips to get that taste of Him.

Back to reality, back in my kitchen as i smell the burning foods on stove.