Written by Anon

03 Mar 2017

Fiction story.

It's closing time. I see my hot single colleague on her way out. What about a drink I ask her all of a sudden. Suprised she says why not. We decide on a bar and drive there in separate car's.

We order and start to talk about work and life. We move to a more secluded spot in the bar. The conversation moves to love and sex.

The more we drink the closer we move to each other. I put my hand on her leg and move it higher pushing her skirt up.

She doesn't stop me and I move my hand higher touching her pussy through her gstring.

We exchange a look and kiss. She starts to rub my cock through my pants. I push her gstring to the side. She opens her legs and i slip my finger into her pussy.

We break the kiss and i let her sit back while I finger her.

She stop me and say lets get out of here. We pay and go to the cars.

Getting there i grab her and we kiss. I slip of her gstring and she unzip my pants and take my cock out wanking it. We move to the bonnet and sits on it and open her legs. I slip my cock in and fuck her slowly while she rubs her clit.

We go faster and she puts her arm around my neck and we kiss. We fuck harder. I feel her pussy contracting as she starts to orgasm. I cum too pumping her pussy full of my juices. We kiss for a while just standing like that. I pull my cock out. I give her gstring to her but she gives it back to me and say you will need to put that on for me at the office tomorrow.

We get in our car's and go home.