Written by sxjhbguy

17 Sep 2014

I meet with a couple online. We find each others company very entertaining. As time passes we swop pictures of each other. So we decide to set up a meeting for drinks. I wait at the bar waiting to see my new friends. Nervous thinking what questions would I ask. Would this question be right? ...' No rather not ask'. Do not want to ruin my first meeting. Excitement and nervousness getting to me. Suddenly they approach the door at the restaurant. My heart beats fast, taking in deep breaths. The husband holds her hand and in the short distance I can see her beautiful body in a short skirt with heels. I raise my hand to help them locate me. He smiles and approachs, relieved to see him smile. As they approach my eyes are on her smooth sexy legs in that skirt. They approach the table and 'WOW' she has painted her nails with that cute pink I love. We shake hands and finally we all seated. They both sit opposite me. They asked if I was waiting long, my response was 'no'. We order drinks and begin to just get to know one another. Nothing about sex or swinging just becoming friends. As the evening passes into a later stage the topic comes up on what we like to see each other do. Luckily for me the conversation before made me more comfortable and we started opening up to each other easier in terms of how we would like to play with each other. She sits across and I spoke of how sexy I found her pics especially the ass and pussy. She lifts her legs onto my pants from across the table underneath and rubs my cock. Soft sexy feet on my cock makes it feel so good and its getting hard and strong as she continues and smiles at me across the table. Then her hubby asks me to take his place next to her, so I do and the restaurant is busy so I have to be careful. I move over shy as can be, we chat more and suddenly she rubs my cock outside my pants. Squeezing the head of it genltly. As we in a converstaion she continues and slowly puts her hands into my pants and rubs my hard black indian cock more and I am hard as a rock now. She tells her hubby how good my hard cock feels on her hand and he smiles. He then asks her if she thinks if it would feel better inbetween her legs. She smiles and looks at me and says 'YES'. I am on such heat right now. My forehead sweats so I use a tissue off the table to wipe myself. Her hubby asks me if her hands feels good on my cock, shy to answer looking down at my pants, finally saying 'Oh yea'. He then says she is good with her mouth, she tells me that she would love to taste my black indian cock. I am like thinking 'I wish you were doing that now'. Her husbands then asks if I would like to touch her pussy, so horny now I answer yes, she spreads her legs cautiously and I gently touch her soft wet pussy. As I rub it softly I dip the tip of my middle finger in her hole and its so soft and wet she looks at me with this lustfulness. Her husband says to me that she is horny right now. She responds and says I wish that your finger were your hard cock. That made me so hot as I wished I could just lay her over on that seat and dip in and out of her. Finally we decide to go to the car. So horny my dick refuses to fall asleep. We get outside and just talk, she then asks me if I wanted to taste her pussy. Not knowing what to answer and looking at her hubby he says answer the lady. I answer 'YES' we get to the backseat of the car he is in the driver seat and I open her sexy legs underneath there arn't any panties. I lay her feet on my shoulders and start sucking her thighs while rubbing her pussy lips and slowly approach her pussy with my tongue. Get to the pussy and its wet and juicy so I start licking it up slowly up and down. Dipping my tongue tip in and out watching her moan as she enjoys my tongue. I start being more naughty now so I start biting those lips gently and licking. I feel her wetness all over my mouth, she says 'do not stop baby'. Her hubby says she is enjoying it, finally I dip my tongue into it and let my tip bring out all her juices. She finally moans louds and drips all her cum into my mouth. I lick it all up wasting not a drop. My cock is hard as ever now. She asks me to open my pants so I do and she rubs my cock with her feet, she leans over snd uses the tip of her tongue to keep teasing my cock and kisses my while her hand is there. She asks me in my ear 'do you want me?'. I said yes. She says you need to wait for this pussy and zips me up still hard. Finally we decide to go home and meet next time. I enjoy the entire meeting even if penetration did not happen but I know that the next time is going to be much better.