Written by MaybeeBaybee

16 Aug 2016

Seeing Noel's perfect cock many thoughts raced through my mind ... wanting to taste him yet hesitant as it was our first meeting . I blushed when he spoke , realizing that I was staring at his cock the whole time . In a very husky voice he told me not to hold back . Not only was I drooling but delightfully moist again and the mere thought of tasting him made me feel so excited !! We decided to find a secluded spot and he parked the car . This was it I thought , I started stroking him and soon precum glistened on the tip of his cock . I leaned over and with my hand guided his cock to my mouth . I made sure I got the precum on my lips and looking up at him I licked it off telling him just how fine he tasted . I started licking his cock ... up and down his shaft , twirling my tongue on the tip gently nibbling . Oh God it felt so good and I could sense Noel was enjoying it so much . I started sucking slowly and softly , he was thrusting his hips matching the rhythm to my sucking and with his fingers tangled up in my hair he pushed my head even lower onto his cock and the harder and faster I sucked the harder he thrust with his hips pushing his cock even deeper into my mouth . I was so turned on that I squeezed my thighs tightly together trying to get some relieve from the throbbing of my now very wet pussy . While sucking I was thinking how mind blowing it would be too feel him deep inside me . After a while of sucking I heard him say ,in that sexy husky voice of him , that he was about to cum . I was now also moving my hips to the rythm and knew I had to cum soon or I 'd go crazy !! I sucked even harder and faster and when I felt him explode in my mouth it almost send me through the roof . I loved the taste of him and swallowed every drop . I looked up at him and the expression on his face spoke of pleasure , satisfaction and appreciation . I was feeling so happy , so sexy and so horny thinking that I just had made him cum .

We sat there talking for a while and then started kissing . He kissed me like no one before has ever done and when he moved to my neck I moaned softly . While kissing me his hand moved to my breast . God it felt so good ! I was wearing a dress , not really fitting for a trip to a Wildlife park but I thought it would be best under the given circumstances . From my breast he moved to my legs and started stroking my thighs ... my legs spread almost automatically and I blushed once again realizing what I 'd done . He kept stroking my thighs and moved upwards stroking but not touching my pussy . In my mind I was begging him to touch me there , feeling almost impatient . Then it happened .. he pulled away my panties and gently touched my pussy , I was amazed at how powerful that first touch was !! It send shivers throughout my body and left me with goosebumps . He did not linger there long and I remember the disappointment when he moved his hand to my thigh again . I was so , so horny and my whole being ached for release . It was a mixture of torture and pure pleasure and I was so caught up in the moment that I hardly realized Noel was now busy removing my dress . After removing my dress he also got rid of my undies and the look on his face assured me that he loved what was in front of him . He started kissing me again , slowly and softly at first then harder and faster . From my mouth this time he moved straight to my breast and licked my nipple .. circling and circling leaving my nipple fully erect begging to be sucked .. and when he did I could not help but shiver in delight ! Never before have I felt so alive ... every fiber in my body on full alert . Noel made me feel like I have never felt before .

To be continued ....