Written by LickSuck69.

26 Aug 2016

Most people have a fantasy and spent their entire life to achieve it. This is one of these great dream.

Always wanting to be a great song writer and singer, couldn't wait to go to music school and be taught the ropes. On entering The School of Excellent Music for the very first time my heart went into overdrive and nearly missed a beat, because I had been accepted and could make my dream a reality. We were introduced to all the tutors one by one, one that caught my eye and heart was Miss Sue. Unfortunately she only tutored the senior group, which meant I had quite few years before I could acquaint myself with her. Not worried by that, I knew that day would finally arrive for me, because I always believed that things will always come to those who are prepared to wait for them to happen. After three years the day finally arrives for us to be introduced as tutor and pupil, found it very difficult to hide my excitement to be tutored by Miss Sue, she was known by all the pupils as Miss Sexy Sue, because of the way she dressed to kill. Tall, slender, long beautiful hair and eyes that could take anyone to bed.

She introduced herself to me and said, so you the pupil that wants to be the new king of music and song writing. Miss Sexy Sue said don't worry, jut leave it up to me, and you will be the king you want to be. My mind then went into overdrive and starting to imagine what she meant when she said that to me. After many weeks of been tutored my career started to develop, singing and song writing became easy to me. Tutor Sexy Sue, told me should though I was capable to do a live show for the school one evening, but that would take great dedication from me, I replied don't worry leave that up to me, I will put the hours in. The songs were chosen by me and practice begun, then telling her I would like to do a rehearsal for her, so she said it would have to take place at her home, I answered no problem with me, so the night was set for Friday, just you and me.

On arriving at her home, heart beating, breathing like never before, I knock on the door. Opening the door is Miss Sexy Sue, dressed in red and ready to blow the wind out of me. We sat on the couch and spoke to one and other for a while, then saying to her let me sing for you, cause that's the reason for bringing me here. Strumming my guitar, I start singing the songs , Lady in Red, Take off your Clothes by Peter Stratsedt, of which she obliges and soon she is sitting totally nude in front of me, not know what to do, I start sing the next song, Love to Love You Baby by Donna Summer, which arouses her no end, she starts to strip me too, and then sing the last song for the evening, Do You Want to Make Love Or Do You Just want too Fool Around. At this stage she takes me by the hand an leads me to her room, seats me on the edge of the bed, legs dangling on the ground, she falls to her knees and takes my rock hard cock between her hands, and puts the tip of her tongue to its head, slowly rubbing her tongue down my shaft, till its down her throat causing her choke and get tears in her eyes.Jumping off her knees, she throws herself on the bed and shouts cum to me. On turning round I see her lying on her back legs wide spread waiting for me.Jumping on to the bed, I slowly run my tongue along her legs up to her very moist tight pussy. While sucking and licking on her pussy she starts to scream and pulls my hair, then she screams come fuck me, she jumps on top of me, thrusting my rock hard cock into her tight pussy, she fucks me as if the were no tomorrow, or if she won't get me again. The feeling of warm love juices around my cock causes me to flood her pussy with the cum form me. After all the fucking Miss Sexy Sue collapses on top of me, her body just smelling of warm love juices from her and me, she whispers in my ear, I have been waiting three years for this , looking into her shiny green eyes I smile and said I have been wanting for this from the first day I set eyes on you. She then smiles back at me and says, which would you rather be a pop star or a porn star with me. I replied with you we could do both, just you and me.