Written by MaybeeBaybee

07 Oct 2016

After a day of watching cams ,some naughty chatting ,playing till I almost cum but don't ... I am more than ready for some action . My whole being beckoning for release !! So naturally I can't help but feel a little let down when my hubby calls saying he has to work till very late . What do I do ? I have this hunger that I refused to feed all day long hoping to make for some explosive sex with my partner later on the evening . My son is away ... sleepover at a friend so I am all alone . My mind starts working overtime . Naughty thoughts racing through my mind . I decide to enjoy a nice hot bubble bath ... when the water is ready I slip my dress off , the feeling of the dress caressing my nipples sends shivers down my spine . With one foot in the water I hear a knock on the door . Dammit !! ... I think to myself . Who can this be ? I quickly dry off my foot and slip my dress on again making my way to the door . On opening the door I find it's Blake , he has been my hubby's friend since senior school . I greet him only to find his eyes fixed on my breasts . Blushing but with a naughty grin on his face he says hi and asks if my hubby is home .After explaining I decide to invite him in knowing well it's not only for coffee . Blake is a very attractive man and I often wondered how it would be to have him ravish me ! After some small talk I excused myself and made my way to the kitchen to make coffee . Waiting for the kettle to boil , deep in thought , I had a huge fright when Blake suddenly spun me around facing him . Instantly I began to tremble ... partly out of shock and partly because of the dark .. lustful ,promising look in his eyes . Without a word he started kissing me moving to my neck and after slipping my dress off kissing my breasts and sucking on my nipples . Suddenly Blake lifted me off my feet ... picking me up and after placing me on the kitchen counter stripped himself off his clothes . He was sooo hot , the want for him now very obvious by my erect nipples and the wetness between my legs . He placed his hands on both my knees and not too gently forced my legs apart . His cock was , by now , rock hard and feeling it against my smooth leg was great !! He started licking and kissing my thighs ... at times gently nibbling and I couldn't help but moan with pure pleasure . After what felt like forever he started licking my pussy , Softly at first ... exploring ... tasting my juices . Then he moved to my clit , licking and sucking while inserting a finger into my now aching pussy . I arched my back knowing damn well that it wasn't gonna be long before I orgasm !! Looking up at me pulling his finger out Blake asked if I would like to taste myself .. I nodded yes and with that he put his finger in my mouth ... tasting my own juices was so good and looking down I saw precum glistening on the tip of his cock . He carried on with licking and sucking my pussy this time placing two fingers inside of me . When I felt the first waves of orgasm I pushed his head down on my pussy and with the other steadied myself as I was shaking with the intensity of my long awaited orgasm . Moaning ... screaming out his name I let the feelings of pure ecstacy and satisfaction wash over me . TO BE CONTINUED .....