Written by Ian_McHerbe

14 Jan 2015

It was a hazy and particular evening of dirt dust and Rock and Roll. In Twatville RSA (plattelaaaand pappa)

After most of the Saturday Afternoon the air got cooler, I drank the last 12 Beers that was left, i mean they were causing trouble in the coolerbox...so i took care of business.

A band Ive read about in some Blog on some underground sex website has mentioned these guys have a HOOOOOT lead singer So Naturally...i wanna see it myself.

"fuck these people!" I heard My flatmate back home say...(WTF?! Shes actually here)

We both travelled for about 1500 km's to the same festival...And we never mentioned it to each other. Guess we arent so talkative.

Turning back I see she is walking STRAIGHT towards me. She squares up and stares through my soul...her ginger freckles. ( the cute kind, not soulless child kind) are covered in what has happned to her on the weekend...Theres Koki pen's and shit all over her cheeck....

Smiling is one thing she does well. "how the hell , what the ? ReAALLY! Coool your here "

She says as we hug in a way flatmates dont usually hug. Unless of course...hmmm

"I passed a tent and thought thats you...Listen I need to ask you something" - She said coming in closer ala spyfilm style.

" I need to crash for a night or two. My tent burned down...but luggage etc is fine...and my "camping" mates are being assholes. (FIY - Music fests brings out the largest doos in some guys...and the ladies just get better).

Without even thinking about it i said sure. You know what...screw the supposedly hot lead singer. We got her stuff immediately...you know , because as a flatmate Ive got to have her back.

There was wine. Spirits, Voodoo rituals and an unconfirmed seance But night time/ dawn came and we really did have to get some shut eye.Dhe mentioned how she's has to move pretty soon for job purposes. We might gotten dronkverdriet as well. We recovered and finished our ale's.

."ill crash in my cars backseat" - I saiod standing up about to go get my stiff.

The music fest had an smell of absolute peace and harmony, amongst all the "creative smoke on sale from the rastafarians".

"But whose gonna keep me warm." <---This right here....is the best thing ive heard all weekend.

She turned around looking really disappointing. Im dont take too kindly too that.

" fine...Ill put our luggage etc and shit in the car then.. You know space...is ....tight." - I said in a good guy voice.

She jumped up ,"wait wait wait"as shes running into the tent. " i Just need to get some things so we dont have to go back to car everytime...."

Two words concerned me...."we" and "everytime" - Dum dum duuuuuum!

No surprise top me her "toothbrush" was a special kind...one that does shit for your teeth's wellbeing. And an array of various lubes , 3 Stimulating condom packets of 3 each...and a Dildo that really DID put me at shame...

I was about to have a nervous laugh....when the skirt was off. Not use for it anyway since duing our drunken adventure I allready noticed the green thong she so aptly has changed the morning , (again. music fests'.....dirrrty)

I had my shirt around my anckles and my pants was kicked in the campfire but aint nobidy got time for a rescue mission.. I was going to Fuck amber....Oh dear Mohammed... If she has only known the vivid images of me shagging her tits off, for the past two years...just downstairs from me. I was actually going to reach a goal....Look at me now mom!

The zip closed with its ususal speedy sound and without warning her wet pussy was allread arched and trying to start a confrontation with me...had to do what had to be done....It tasted like going down on a million dollar pussy...yeah. Strawberry fields forever the XXX version. She especially enjoyed each time my toungue peeked closer to her clit and in. Up---> and in...nipples are shining with the power of a 1000 sex gods from the moonlight ...not worried that I left even a little bit of the tent open.

Her hands on the back of my head and digging into my scalp. She grips tighter and forces my face much harder into her land of plenty. Its wet...very fucking wet. No exageration but i had moisture up to my ears...Plenty to work with.". Dont need those lubes no more..methinks", I whisper in her red hot ears... Her eyes open and instantly bring her back to the here and now.."no babes, they are for you".

I could go "fuck that shit" - Or I could keep doing whats im doing and "fall asleep" when im done...what i was sure was the plan...at least I got laid then right.

Without hesitation I soldiered On.....And my little soldier was also on....its game.

After what she sweared was her second orgasm/climax. She begged me ti be inside her...The dude....obided. I chose Durex's Ribbed and Dotted as my nifty sidekick....she in turn grabbed her dildo/vibrator . And Immediately directed my hard cock in....using her wand.

You knoiw that thrill a, womans moan on the first point of entry? I know...its my favourite too.

"yeeeaaaaasssssssssss" - from piano to Forte-fortississimo (soft to very ver very loud)

Sitting inon her ass her legs were Straight as an...erm ...arrow. At 2 o clock and 10 o'clock...I moved more luggage and stuff behind her so i can rock her....(ha ha Rock > Music Festival , i Get it ) back and forth....Her cry for me to go deeper is met with each penetration...Sometimes...Id leave it in and really "push myself to the limit".

After having is both on our sides....having me fuck her like my french paintings. (titanic) . She rolled me over ...and started to ride me. Having the courage to "squat" for a minute or two...that really had me reach her most holiest chamber..the illusive G-spot was at my reach. She hed to get backl down on her knees bit i Held her stron....like wrestelrs hold each others, And had a surge of adrenaline that helped me jackhammer <- Vulgar but appropriate her worse than an Australian Construction worker.

Ive only seen professionally paid woman EVER have the reaction that I saw... EYES WIDE! o- o Oh-Oh-Face. "yeeahhh- yeah- yeah" each quick assassin like stab with my cock knocked her voice silent a little. And what i thought was that i messed up , coz IMMEDIATELY she moved her attention from the faces sounds and groaning. But her eyes Met mine with precision and timing that German car-makers are famous for. Her Flimsy hands and blue painted nails are around my mouth and her weight around my neck with the other hand...

The face I made can be seen in most Horror movies , look for slut killing scene no:1.

"im going to fuck you.....like a dirty biker...and your going to love it..."

I felt a pressure build at the top of my dick...but its not me...Her legs straightened somewhat leaving us "disconnected" . The blue canvas of the tent was soaked from her magnificent squirt. a True testament to Red-Head sex. Grrrrrr, Ill be as cheesy as I want....I made this woman wet my tent with my "talent" Hell I even surprised myself.

"Whaaaaat?!" she said still panting.. "did you exactly do that"...

I shrugged my shoulders and with porcelein confidence said..."ill de-brief you after the mission, were not done....right?"

"not untill ive done to you what ive always wanted." she had her now aquating pussy rewsting atop my still stiff hard on. Not entering...just loitering..

"You see Ian, I know EXACTLY what websites, interests and "kinks", You have..remember I can see the other housemates Internet records...and you are a naughty little fuck...aintchya?!" She thanked me that Ice opened her to a whole new world....

"the house would just be too...how can I say....Redneck." Besides.. I didnt know Im moving.. avoiding the obvious awkwardness. But now , Im not to sure on moving either" All this is said while she rubs down the vibrator with strawberry and a hint of lavender lube...and occasionally slides two fingers in herself.

" What so youve actually been keeping an eye on me " - Was my objection...sincere...but not too serious now.

The turning on of her vibrator was what got my head back in the game...but its taking the other way...her pussy that has now returned the beautiful Rose glow and inviting aroma...was not her vibrators Destination....no....were having fun with Double Penetration....

SHe asked me to slide it in....as she has tirned around facing away. and Stretching out forward ...sinking to the ground with her chest....Her ass was spread and her pussy gorged and hungry.the vibrations would run on the lowest setting gradually increasing, or that was what I think she said...Lube ...is underrated...she had that loud->mega loud thing again . And I made her ass a bit more accommodating using loving hands and soft lips.....

She softly lowers herself onto my cock....Sliding in and out , i regulated her vibrator...we were synched the way stuff synchs nowadays.

Two more orgasms had her buckling knees and having a Cytherea look on her face...My self confidence was soaring...Dripping over most of my body and in Nirvana. She opened the tent and lit her cigarette....to have a seat by the fire . Still stark naked....

With my newly developed "bees-knees" attitude followed her ...as nature intended....

There we were dear readers...3 days into a music festival that is no more....but I did it...I really really got to screw the redhead that has left a mark on my life...Buttnaked at 05:49 On a Saturday morning....And Ive just been fucked like a dirty biker...