Written by Anonymous

08 Aug 2019

Yes, I used to pay to watch. In some respects, it’s a bit embarrassing to tell this story, but I guess it’s part of who I am and what I have done and what I am today…

Those of you who have been reading my stories and Dogging or Forum posts on SH over the years will likely have seen or have worked out that my particular fetish is for watching people having sex – watching them (preferably from close by) or even just listening to them, basically being around people enjoying themselves sexually…

This started when I was quite young, a teenager, when a rather noisy couple (probably in their late 30s) moved in to the house next door to where I stayed with my parents, in one of the older suburbs of Joeys. There was just a narrow driveway between our house and our boundary wall, with a similar 3m servitude between the wall and their bedroom window (my bedroom being on that side of the house). It must have been a summer night not long after they moved in, with their windows open as well as mine, but lying in my bed I could hear the unmistakable sound of a woman having a big orgasm, and realised what it was. When I looked over the wall at their house, I could see that they had had Venetian blinds fitted to the windows, and that there appeared to be a bit of a gap at the bottom of the blind. I decided that that was definitely worth investigating further…

On a number of occasions, when I noticed their bedroom light come on and figured they were on their way to bed, I would go outside and quietly hop over the wall, and peek in through the gap at the bottom of the blind. Often I got to see her getting ready for bed (she seemed to sleep in the nude), and on a couple of occasions at least, watched them bonking if they left the light on, or else listened to the sound track from just outside their open window, if the light was turned off. As I mentioned, she was quite noisy, so if I listened carefully I would always know when they were getting up to it!

For many years I indulged my fetish by watching couples voyeuristically, at places like Wemmer Pan, Emmarentia, Camps Bay beach, Sandy Bay, Signal Hill, Victoria Bay near George, Danie Taljaard Park… wherever couples went to be naughty and have sex in public places that I could access.

In those days I knew nothing about dogging, and didn’t have the guts to try and get too close to people who I was opportunistically watching… I would just watch from a safe distance.

One day, in the early 1990s, I happened to be browsing through The Star Classified adverts, when something caught my eye. It was an advert offering an opportunity to “watch a couple”. This idea really excited me. With lots of adrenaline coursing through my veins I nervously phoned the number, and spoke to “Jenny”, and set up an appointment. It would be R400 for an hour, which was a LOT of money to me in those days!, but I felt it would be worth it for the experience.

I left work under some pretext, and arrived at her big old house in Blairgowrie in the early afternoon. She met me at the door, an older lady but still in pretty good shape (by then I was late 30s, she was probably late 40s, maybe even in her 50s), dressed in regular clothing, and invited me in. I looked around, but there was no other male to be seen. However, she then immediately phoned someone, and said “He’s arrived”, and within a few minutes young Steven pitched up on his motor bike. It turned out that she was divorced, lived alone and was trying to make ends meet. Young Steven was a student in his early 20s who lived just down the road, and somewhere they had met up and hit it off, and she (a real Mrs Robinson???) had recognised that he had a particular penis-related skill-set that they both could enjoy (and even make some money out of!)!

We were standing in a room which might once have been a second lounge, but had been turned into a bed-sitter, with a double bed and a couch opposite it. I was told I was to sit on the couch and only to move closer if I was invited over (which I obviously hoped would happen). She then excused herself and disappeared up the passage somewhere “to get ready”, while Steven and I waited in an awkward silence. A few minutes later she re-appeared, having dressed up in a sexy “stripper” outfit, turned on some music, and proceeded to give us a rather amateurish strip-show, which ended up with her nearly naked, undressing Steven as she went through her routine, and the two of them eventually together on the bed. They then started caressing, the rest of the clothes came off, and the real fun started! This was the closest I had ever been to a couple who were about to have sex, and I was really excited by it… but I was confined to sitting on the couch and watching.

Steven had a very sizable dick, and Jenny clearly enjoyed what it did for her. They fucked in a number of different positions, mostly staged so that I had a good view of the proceedings from where I was seated (fully clothed) on the couch. And then the special moment occurred, when she beckoned me over to lie next to them on the bed! Now I was as close as I could possibly be, and when I, very adventurously but tentatively, reached out to touch her boobs as Steven fucked her, she didn’t seem to mind. And later, when they fucked doggy-style, Steven standing at the foot of the bed, and I slipped my hand underneath and rubbed her clit as he thrust into her, she enjoyed a big and evident orgasm.

Once she orgasmed, that was the end of the “show”. Steven hadn’t cum, as it seemed that they had another performance scheduled for later that afternoon, for which he was holding himself back. But he most certainly had staying power, as he had been fucking her strongly for at least a half hour if not longer. She said how impressed she was that he could fuck all day, and could be relied on to satisfy her needs every time! (I did wonder how much of the R400 went to him, but didn’t think it appropriate to ask that question). She then reached over to me, undid my belt and my zip, and freed my (until that stage, still constrained) dick. She then proceeded to give me an exquisite hand-job, until I shot my cum all over my stomach.

I wanted to go back to them for another round once I had saved up another R400, but lost Jenny’s number, and never saw another advert placed by her… and there weren’t all that many such adverts being placed in those days… but I started to make a point of looking out for them, buying the paper and checking the classified section just for that purpose.

I saw another similar advert some time later, and phoned the number. This one would happen at Dante’s Inferno, apparently an upmarket brothel on a farm out in Blue Hills past Kyalami. I found my way to Dante’s at the appointed time, entered through two security gates, and spoke to the young lady in reception, who called the particular (again older) call-girl who offered this particular service. She asked the receptionist to get hold of her male partner, while she and I went upstairs to her room, where there was a double bed and a massage bed. This time there was no dressing up (she was already dressed [or was it undressed?] for work, and we just chatted a bit until the guy arrived. They then started kissing, and he soon had his hands all over her, removing her clothing while she fondled him. But somehow it all seemed very mechanical, they were obviously just doing it for the show, pretty much all rehearsed, and there seemed to be little sexual chemistry between them, unlike had been the obvious case with Jenny and Steven.

Once they were both naked they got on the bed and fucked their brains out for quite a while, again assuming a number of different positions, including moving to the massage bed for a bit of variety, and allowing me to stand really close by, and also to touch her during the performance. I did enjoy it, I have to admit, but wasn’t really especially excited by it, due to the realisation that it was merely a show they were putting on for my sake.

This guy wore a condom (Steven hadn’t), and after quite a long performance he came with a lot of loud grunting and groaning, and pulled out. He then said to me that for an additional R100 I could have my turn alone with her if I wished to, and pointed out where the condoms were. He then dressed and left the room. I briefly considered whether or not I “wanted a turn”, decided against it and declined. She got dressed, and we walked back downstairs. I left, and never went back there.

Another young couple who I met up with also through their adverts in the Classifieds, was Nikki and Amos. They were a young yuppie black couple, maybe late 20s or early 30s, and lived in quite an upmarket apartment in Paulshof. It seemed Amos had a regular day job, while Nikki stayed at home or perhaps worked from home. On the first occasion he met me at the security gate downstairs and let me in, and we walked up to their larney flat. She was waiting for us there, dressed quite sexily, tall and slim, elegant with small boobs. We had a bit of a discussion, I paid their asking fee, and they then started playing. He had a pretty decent BBC on him, and knew how to use it, while she had a smooth-shaven pussy with a very long and prominent clitoris!

They too could fuck long and hard. But once again it was pretty obviously a “performance” for them. Sometimes they chatted quietly to each other, in their own language which I didn’t recognise (I think they might have been foreigners), occasionally giggling a bit, as they fucked. I don’t recall that Nikki removed her bra that first time, but on later occasions (I met with and watched them on a few occasions) I was allowed to touch her (her boobs were very small and her bra well-padded, but she did have nice hard nipples!) and also stimulate her really big clit as they fucked.

On one occasion I arrived at the appointed time, and Amos hadn’t been able to get away from work in time, and she met me at the gate and let me in, and then proceeded to entertain me by playing with her (large!) selection of toys as I looked on, until Amos got there and they could get down to it!

They were very friendly, and the time I spent with them was always very enjoyable, but eventually the inevitable happened and Amos got a different (better?) job from where he couldn’t get away as easily, and they had to stop offering watching as a service to guys like me.

But the couple that I most enjoyed watching was a young Malay couple who lived in a small flat in Parktown North – Bianca and Paul. Very “ordinary” young people, very unpretentious, and so genuine! They had moved up from the Cape to look for work in Joburg, but were battling, and had hit on the idea of allowing people to watch them as a means of generating income until they could find the work they wanted. They had a young child, which they left with her mother down the road to look after, whenever they had appointments or interviews.

They were both light-skinned; she was just an ordinary young woman, a bit cuddly, with soft full boobs and with nice dark nipples and areolas (she had until recently still been breast-feeding their child), also with a clean-shaven pussy. His dick was nothing particularly special, although he was also clean-shaven and used a cock-ring (the first I had ever seen). She was quite a noisy young lady while they were busy, which I really enjoy.

But what made me enjoy them particularly was the fact that their sex acts never seemed to be a performance… it was as if I was being privileged to spy on – at very close quarters – (and later to join in) their love-making. They were young and obviously in love, and whenever they had sex (in my presence at least) it seemed that they were genuinely making love (with the passion and enthusiasm that young coloured folk seemed to have), not just engaging in a performance for me in order to earn a bit of cash, as the others I had watched had done. Initially I just sat on a chair next to their bed in their small bedroom, intentionally trying not to intrude, and they rewarded me by pretending that I wasn’t there, and that this was just their private love-session. On later occasions I was allowed to join them on the bed, undressed as they were, and to touch her freely, and have her give me a blow-job, and still not feel like I was intruding, as they allowed me to be a part of their love-making. On odd occasions he might even leave the room to do something, leaving me alone with Bianca, happy for me to touch her and “keep her ready”, until he returned and resumed fucking her.

I visited them on a number of occasions, and enjoyed each time I was with them. But unfortunately for me (although hopefully fortunately for them), Bianca finally found a job, and that put an end to their availability and their needing to earn their income in a way that I enjoyed so much.

After that, adverts for “watching” opportunities seemed to become far less frequent in the papers, and those few that were advertised were ludicrously expensive, in my view (I recall some guy requesting R1500 for a session – which I declined).

Fortunately, around that time, my access to the internet became a lot more freely available, with a colour screen computer and a sound card!) and I was able to search porn sites more openly and frequently, and discovered voyeuristic and dogging porn. With voyeuristic porn, the people engaging generally in outdoor sex had no idea that they were being filmed, usually by a voyeur with a camera with a long lens from some distance away, while dogging porn involved couples outdoors who apparently did not mind being filmed. But, in both situations, they would be “amateurs” having sex, as opposed to professional porn-stars fucking on a movie set, and so although the video quality and editing was often sub-standard, there was none of the “posed” artificiality that I don’t like in “regular” porn. And so my watching activity switched more towards voyeuristic porn.

And then I Googled “dogging” (once I had discovered that that was what was happening in some of the videos), which led me to the SwingingHeaven UK website, where I first started reading their dogging stories, and then discovered to my joy that there was a South African SH site as well, which I then followed regularly (although not yet as a member).

My first dogging activity is recorded in my story about the “Feather Club” activity at Germiston Lake back in 2012, which then led to my joining this site and becoming an active member.

And ever since then I have had the great pleasure, on a number of different occasions, of being invited or allowed to watch couples enjoying their fucking or love-making, in a range of different situations over the years – from the great outdoors (parks, nature reserves, bird hides..) to rented hotel rooms or guest houses; in friends’ apartments; at clubs like Rome and Shakerz; in cubicles or lounges of sex-shops like Luvland, Sinsations, Pleasure Palace and Adult World… and I have discovered that there are in fact many couples out there who, like Bianca and Paul, really enjoy sharing their sexuality with others! Thank you to all the many members here who have allowed me (sometimes even with a friend or two!) into their sex-lives in this way!!! And if anyone else would like to allow me that pleasure, just drop me a mail......!!!!!!