Written by Ubuntu

26 Dec 2017

While driving around Hammanskraal looking for ice cubes, a rear commodity on xmas day in such a hot area, saw a beautiful thick sexy lady... her curves are just an instant turn on, walking out of the petrol station convinience store.

Being a gentleman I got out of my car walked straight to her to have a chat. Thought she would have issues with my intrusion but she actually was friendly. Offered to drop her at home to which she agreed. As we were driving I gave her all sorts of compliments I could think of and she just kept on blushing. Upon dropping her I took her numbers.

In the evening when family stuff was getting boring I called her and we agreed to meet to find some fun place to go to. We drove around to a few places that we too hectic ko Kasi, Temba that is, then she said if I have booze at my place then we can drive to Town at my place to just chill and talk.

We got to my place, talked, laughed and as we got tipsy from the whisky we just could not resist each other anymore..... damn we got it on fucking good for some time. Slept and fucked more in the morning before we drove back to Kasi in the morning.

Wow she worked my dick so well sucking and riding it and I just banged her deep stretching her legs wide, getting in between her thick thighs and pounding her good. From the back lifted her big butt and opened it wide to prenetrate her deep and gently... and wow she came a few times screaming so loud. Glad neighbor are away on holidays....

Was amazing... seeing her tomorrow or Thursday again.