Written by redbruce

23 Oct 2012

Yes! Yes! Yes!! Some REAL dogging action at last!

On my way home from a site visit on the far east rand, I stopped in at my favourite “viewing site” to see what might be happening. I got there a little after 5pm, drove in, and noticed there were a few cars spread around, some with single guys, but a few others with couples in them. I decided to park and see what transpired. I drove up to the top of the site from where there is a good general view, and reversed in to a good position.

A fancy SUV with a couple in it had driven in a bit behind me, and initially they went down to the bottom of the site closer to the water. Then they seemed to change their minds, and drove up closer to where I was already parked. I watched with interest. Then I couldn’t believe my eyes! – they drove over even closer to where I was (normally people seem to try and park more privately away from others), and then parked up maybe 10 or 12 metres away, parallel to where I was parked, also facing down towards the water, a little down the slope from me so that I was looking diagonally across at them. This was great! – whatever they got up to, I was going to be able to see it! Then he re-started the engine, and reversed back up the slope a bit so that they were directly opposite me. This would make for even better viewing!, but unfortunately it would also be pretty obvious that I was watching them, as I would have my heard turned at right angles facing him directly…

Very soon they started moving around, lowered the seat backs a little, and got comfortable. Her window, closest to me, remained closed, but his was open. It was pretty obvious that he had started wanking, and was trying to encourage her to “blow his whistle!”. She looked across my way, and seemed to decline, and then settled back comfortably, sliding down a little in her seat.

Because they were in a 4x4 SUV, they were at the same height as me in my doublecab, so I didn’t have the usual advantage of looking down into their car. Initially I tried to make as if I wasn’t watching them, but he seemed to be alternating between looking down at her lap, and looking across at me, and he didn’t look away when our eyes met. So I decided that, whether it was obvious or not, I would keep watching them.

I was desperately looking for a sign of invitation from them to go over there and join them, but they did not appear to be encouraging participation, so I just watched from inside my bakkie. Then suddenly she started to quiver and I heard the sound I had been expecting, as she started to orgasm, and she screamed!! And he kept looking at me and smiling!... Then I realised that they HAD come over and parked close to me for me to watch them! Why wasn’t I brave enough to go over and make contact earlier? (But the last time I did that, I had interrupted someone’s play, and they ended up not doing anything… - see my earlier “Almost Dogging” story!)

She continued with her orgasm for a good few seconds! I gestured to him, asking in “sign language” if I could come over, and he seemed to nod in agreement. I jumped out and walked quickly around the back of their vehicle to his open window (I saw him warning her I was coming over), and asked “is it okay if I watch?”. He said – “no problem”…

Wow!! He was still finger-fucking her, while wanking himself as well. She lay back with eyes half closed and a lovely contented smile on her face.

They were a mixed couple, married, he quite a bit older than she. He was white, maybe Portuguese or Mozambican, and she was a beautiful mulatto girl of mixed race, lovely face and big doe eyes, and a super shy smile. She had a beautifully-shaped pair of boobs visible through her tight top, but unfortunately she kept her bra and top on all the time we were together, although she played with her boobs a lot.

He was initially finger-fucking her with his hand inside her skimpy panties, and when he stopped for a bit she demurely pulled her short skirt down to cover her pussy. He just continued wanking himself, his cock just a few inches from where I was leaning against his car door while we chatted.

We talked about what they liked and what I liked (I told them, I like watching!!) – he asked lots of questions. She leaned over and started sucking his cock, and making lots of appreciative noises while doing so. He said they enjoyed watching and being watched, but they had come to the site because they had heard from friends that there was a guy who frequents this place who has a 12 inch cock and knows how to use it! (Mr 12” had apparently parked up close to their friends and started openly wanking, at which point the friend’s wife had decided that she wanted to be fucked by that big cock, and they had invited him over...).

He said his wife also really likes big cocks, and especially guys who can take their time and give her a good ride. He said he liked watching this happen, and then enjoyed sucking the cum out of her pussy afterwards (which immediately made me think of a friend of mine here on SH!), before fucking her himself. I told them that I was unfortunately not that guy, and really couldn’t compare in terms of size or performance (I was also a little concerned about the obvious insinuations of unsafe sex). I asked if they would open the window on her side, so that I could play with her pussy, but they didn’t oblige, so I just stayed watching her from his side.

So we chatted for maybe 25 – 30 minutes, while they kept playing with each other. He encouraged her to take off her panties and give me a good view of her pussy, and of him finger-fucking her. He very obviously liked showing her off! He played with her, and then she took over and played with herself, which I always find a massive turn-on! She also sucked him intermittently, and he kept wanking whenever she wasn’t sucking. Then, while he was finger-fucking her, she had another enormous orgasm, long and obviously very pleasurable (she kept saying “oh fuck!, oh fuck!!, oh fuck!!!” as she was on her way up), and VERY loud, quivering so that the SUV shook! He had said she was a screamer – he was right!!

Eventually they decided it was time to go. I had told them about this (SH) site – they seemed not to know about sites like this. They sounded very keen to explore and join, especially as they were looking for well-endowed guys to fuck her, even two or maybe three cocks at a time! So they took down the address and said they would look at joining. Hopefully they do – they would be a massive asset to the Gauteng dogging fraternity!!!

Even though I didn’t touch her or see her boobs, and they didn’t have full sex, it was still a MOST enjoyable experience for me, and definitely a proper “dogging experience”! Dogging rocks!!

Anybody else in Gauteng wanna oblige and let me watch? Drop me a private mail, and let’s see if we can find a mutually convenient time and venue. I’m always keen, and often available during the day!!