29 Jun 2017

Have been on this site for a short while and had been bombarded with endless messages with all kinds of offers but it being our first time was hoping someone would offer us something that gave us a choice of if not comfortable we could say no or leave but nothing like that was on offer .

We came across many adds but nothing tickled our curiosity until by chance we got a message from an Indian gent who offered something we where not familiar with but did some research on

His message was simple stating that he seen that we are new to this and he is sure that hubby was ok with just about anything but was positive the wife is no way sure if she would be able to go through with trying anything . He did hit the nail with that . He stated that he could offer me a way to be touched by a stranger offering me a full body massage and at any point if I was not comfortable he would stop and leave , he also stated that he could provide a very upmarket exclusive neutral venue . Now this did get my attention . So after a day or so speaking to hubby we decided last Friday to take him up on his offer . We got his whatsapp no from him and asked him the name of the place and for a picture which he sent . We looked the place up was impressed , well for the price tag that the place comes at it only made sense for it to be stunning especially where it is situated and it's not rooms but suites

After seeing the cost involved hubby and I taught rather we split the cost with this gent in this way if at any point we wanted to leave we could . We suggested this to this guy and he was ok with it . The most reassuring thing for us was at no point did he ask us for a picture in return . We finally set the time for Friday evening .

As the time came closer to meet I was so nervous that I almost chickened out but as we got to the place going through the security gates and driving towards the venue the serenity and peacefulness of the area did get me distracted until we pulled up to the parking area . There was no one in sight so we called him and within minutes he came out to greet us . I was surprised abit as the guy was cute , very neatly dressed and when he spoke one could see he spoke with confindence . He offered us to have something to eat or drink and pointed out to us that the restaurants and bar was just across from where we parked . We took him up on the drink ,we went over to the bar and took a table closest to the golf course . After ordering and having that drink we felt comfortable to accompany him over to the venue . The place was stunning. We got into the suite it was nice and spacious he showed us around and offered us to sit which we did . He then explained that the massages he does is called Tantra and in fact that it's something he enjoys doing and made it very clear that at any point I was not comfortable I should say so and it would end .

He then surprised us by saying if he should leave the suite to give us time to discuss and decide if I was ok with him giving me the massage .

With out thinking I immediately said I am ok with that . He then offered us if we would like to take a shower or bath which I declined as I did groom myself just before we left to meet . He then offered me to go into the bathroom to put on a robe or use a towel which I did with out hesitation . As I went to the bathroom hubby got to chatting to him and could see that hubby was excited at that point hubby have him the half cost of the room . He asked me to lay on my tummy and try to relax . I seen him go wash his hands and he came back with a bottle of oil . I closed my eyes and heard him open the bottle and then rub his hands together then I felt this warm touch on my shoulder blades , it felt awesome , he took his time working on my shoulders neck and it felt Devine , I for some reason wanted more and more of his touch and he for some reason obliged with him going down my back and by the time he got to my lower back I just wanted more and found myself not sure if I was saying it out loud but as I wanted him to go down he just did , I turned over to look at hubby sitting next to me and the look on his face and he softly said babe enjoy yourself . At that moment I could feel myself dripping wet . From that point it felt like I was having an out of body experience , I did start to breath heavy , I moaned , at some point I screamed and I was being pampered by not 2 but four hands , all that moaning and screaming got my hubby so excited that he was asked to join in the massage . I lost count of how many times I did have orgasms in fact it came to a point where I had no more body fluids left from coming so many times . When the massage was over I lay there shocked and satisfied with just thinking how in the world can a total stranger get me to experienced such intense pleasure . The guy left me to lay there and went to wash up , hubby layed next to me and asked me if I was ok . I was lost for words I just smiled . The guy came out of the bathroom and said thank you very much and if we wanted to spend the night we where welcome and he left . I was on cloud nine and hubby decided it's best I rest so we spent the night .It's been almost a week since the massage and just the taught of that massage still runs shivers down my spine . Hubby and I will definitely be doing that again .

If there is anybody like us who is new to this or just wants to have an experience I had don't be shy look us up Asian delights and message us we will give u his contacts .