Written by Sweetest

08 Feb 2016

I got a call and ask if I can make a coffee date at the mall..As I could not get away at the shop..I said she must visit the shop..

A hour later she arrived with two coffees...wearing a tight green dress..showing the lines of her sexy undies as she turns around in the sunlight..the lines runs very narrow to her centre of body..shows me it is not the normal Pep stores skin colour passion killers..

We chatted and did discuss some work..but more was said of how we looked and laughed it all off as fun..

Time to leave..and we hugged as always..only to be enough and me not being forward..leaving it at that..she came forward and see she wanted to kiss..so we did..as normal... she went away and moved back for another hug and kiss..now for me to put my lips between hers and give it a small suck before leaving...we stand there shocked in seconds and greeted and she moved to her car..

Minutes later we I got a text saying the kiss was good..I text back and say I wanted to kiss you again..she replied..so did I..

We was only working together as partners...but it moved my stomach as I think of the meeting.

Linda did text me later the week, ask if I want to make a turn at her place..her room mate not there for a few days..only coffee...

I agreed and gone over.

She opened the door with a short mini skirt...me looking at her butt to see what she was wearing..I could see uneven lines..fancy undies..She went down and sit opposite me..crossing her legs over and over..showing off her panty..without looking what I would do..and we chatted without mentioning sexy things..I could see a panty with all kind of pattens..almost see through..she sit wider legs...I struggle to have a decent conversation and said I need to leave..she said now and in minutes she came and sit on my lap..her legs around my waist..I was shocked...She started to kiss me..After a while I got up and took her to the other couch...kissing her as she lay down..my knee come up and pushed her skirt up till my knee pushed against the wet warm fluid coming through her panty...She moaned..we kissed and I got up and we decided..this is too fast..I kissed her good bye and we moved out to my car..I opened the window..she come inside and kissed me as I could see..she wants more..I left..

The next day I discovered she played herself to orgasm every time I left..

She said the next night we must talk..I went over and it started with a conversation..and leads to more I could bargained for....

that for another letter..