28 Sep 2018

The elevator door opened and standing before was a lady, there were many adjectives to describe her, Gorgeous, Sexy, Stunning, Super Hot, and last of all Classy looking. She was immaculately dressed in a white floral summer dress, which was held up by two skimpy straps which were tied around her neck, and half way between her thighs and her knees. Her body was well bronzed by the sun and her stunning blue eyes and her natural red hair, just turned my knees to jelly, and made my heart skip a few beats. As I entered the elevator looking at the floor, I noticed she had the most elegant and well manicured feet which were covered by a sexy pink open shoe....Still looking in the direction of the floor and hoping she had not noticed what she had done to me, not that it would embarrass me if she had noticed that I was almost drooling from my lips. Slowly I moved my eyes in the direction of the roof of the elevator, hoping to get another glimpse of her sexy body before the Elevator came to a jolting halt on the ninth floor. As my eyes passed her eyes by, she smiled at me. The elevator jolted to sudden halt and she looked at me and I looked at her and wondered if I would see her again.

I exited the elevator, and to my surprise she exited the elevator as well, I turned to the right in the direction of the consulting company, and she turned to the left and walked in the direction of the law firm who specialized in divorce matters. While walking down the passage I could see her reflection in the glass door in front of me, wondering if she was the victim of a nasty divorce or if she was employed by the company, when suddenly I noticed in the reflection, that she had stopped walking and turned around and looked in my direction, which was a boost for my ego. I entered through the glass doors and sitting at the desk was Sarah the receptionist who greet me. I greeted Sarah and walked straight through to my office which was over looking the sea. Sitting at my desk and my laptop open, I stared through the window at the waves rolling in, but could not get the picture of the lady that I had seen in the escalator a few minutes ago. Sarah walked into my office and said, " A rough night you had, so would you like a cup of coffee." Looking at Sarah, I said, " Not a rough night, but I was knocked off my feet." Sarah laughed, and said, " Coffee it will have to be." Sarah returned with my coffee, and tried to fish who was the lady that had knocked me off my feet. I was very cagey, and did my best not to spill the beans, as I was not sure if the lady worked for the attorneys. Every morning Sarah used to joke with me, if I had been knocked off my feet again, but I was sure not to let out who the lady was, and that I had not seen her again.

Days had gone by, which was also turning into a week, since I had seen the lady, but I had not been at the office all that often, since the project I was busy with, was for one of the directors friends, who was in the process to purchase a liquor store for his son. The project was becoming very frustrating as all the red flag signs were there that the purchase would not be a great deal. After having had a few meetings with the son, I could see he was a spoilt brat and just wanted to be a playboy with his friends, and he was not ready to take the responsibility to be an entrepreneur. All the facts and figures were on hand, and all I had to do was to compile my final report, so I was spending more time at the office, so I was hoping I would see the sexy lady again, but had little luck. I was frustrated as how do you tell a father that his son would never be a businessman like himself, so I thought let me go down stairs to the coffee shop down stairs and get a bite to eat, and clear my head as the report had to be on the directors desk on Friday morning.

On entering the coffee shop, I noticed Sarah and the Sexy Red Hair Lady were sitting at a table, Sarah walked over to me and asked if I would like to join them, which I gladly accepted. Following Sarah to the table, Sarah introduced me to the lady. Sarah said, " Billy this is Rosemary," Rosemary interrupted Sarah, and said, " People call me Rosie." Sarah was seated next to me and Rosie sat opposite me, so that made it easy for me to flirt with Rosie. Still not letting on that I had seen Rosie in the elevator one morning, Sarah said, Billy Rosie works for the attorney's down the passage for our office. The waitress came over to our table and took our order. While waiting for our coffees and a plate of savory eats, Sarah and Rosie carried on chatting, while I winked at Rosie every now and then, and she responded by licking on her lips. The coffees and the eats now at the table, and everyone tucking into the eats, when suddenly I felt a foot on top of my shoe, knowing all to well whos foot it was, I politely drop my serviette onto the floor, bending down to recover my serviette, my eyes caught the sight of Rosie's sexy pink panty's. Straightening up on my chair, Rosie looked me straight in the eye and smiled, as she had known that I had seen her pink panty. The coffee and the eats now taken care of, the two ladies went to the bathroom, while they were away I took care of the tab, when they returned we returned to work. Back at my desk and busy trying to compile my draft report, Sarah walked into my office and said, " Rosie really took a fancy to you Billy. The phone rings, and Sarah left my office, it was Rosie just to thank me for taking care of the tab, I replied it was just a pleasure, and said we must do it more often in the future, before saying, enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

My concentration was more messed up than before, Sarah walked back into my office and said, " Billy so was it Rosie that knocked you off your feet, the other morning. Feeling my face going bright red, I laughed and said yes it was Rosie. Sarah burst out laughing, and said, " Rosie told me all about that morning." Now with the ice broken, Rosie frequented our offices to say good morning to me. It was Friday and the final report was placed on the directors desk. Sarah walked into my office and said, " Billy would you like to join Rosie and me for a drink at the quaint little pub around the corner after work that afternoon. They left the building while I was discussing the report with the director and he said he would make use of my services in the future, after shaking hands I made my way down to the pub to meet Sarah and Rosie. Joining the two ladies at their table, we ordered ourselves a drink, with the arrival of our drinks, and us all sipping on our drinks, Sarah said, "Rosie you better enjoy Billy's company as this will be his final day in the building." Rosie look surprised and said, No how can you do this to me, Billy, I was just beginning to know you." Sarah finished her drink and said cheers to us both and left the pub to go home to her family. For Rosie and I one drink became two then three, Rosie started to hang all over me, and it was starting to get late when Rosie asked me how was I going to get home, looking at her I said, " Uber it will have to be." Rosie looked at me and said, "I will Uber you home." Finishing our drinks we left the pub, on arriving at her car in the parking underneath the building where Rosie worked, Rosie unlocked the car, we both climbed in and Rosie grabbed me around my neck and started to kiss me. We kissed passionately in the car, Rosie grabbed hold of my cock, squeezing my cock through my trousers, and shout, "just like I had imagined, thick, long and hard." She unbottoned her blouse and out popped her boobs, I started to suck on her nipples , which were already hard from our kissing, down went my hand in the direction of her panty, which was already wet, slipping my fingers into her panty, and one finger entering into her wet pussy. I started to finger fuck her pussy. Rosie getting more and more aroused, and her arching her back against the car seat. Out came my finger from her pussy, straight into my mouth went my finger, suck and licking on my finger. Rosie looked at me and said, " Billy, do you like eating pussy." Looking at her and nodding my head, Rosie pulled off her wet panty, and pushed my head in the direction of her pussy, my head now flush against her very wet pussy, I started to suck vigorously on her pussy, causing Rosie to start shouting, don't stop Billy, wow you really know how to drive a lady crazy. Still sucking on her pussy and having no intention of stopping, Rosie, screamed wish my husband could see how you are sucking my pussy. One, two, three and I had all of Rosie's squirt all over my face. My face dripping of Rosie's squirt and cum, Rosie lifted my head from between her legs and said, Billy now you know where to find me if you ever need more of my pussy to eat. Looking into her eyes, I said will your hubby not mind if I eat on your pussy. Rosie laughing said, "It is for me and you to know, and him to find out if he cares."Tiding ourselves up we left the parking lot, and she dropped me at home. Kissing me good bye, Rosie said, now I know where to find you.