19 Aug 2016

A few years ago, on a business trip in Jozi, late night i bump into a lady i knew from work. Always attracted to larger ladies, i had always fantasised about being with her in particular. I knew she liked me, but wasn't sure in what way. She was a large BBW, incredibly sexy, standing alone at the bar listening and swaying to the music.

I approached and brushed close to her saying nothing. I noticed that she leaned in to me as i brushed her, so the touch was as good for her as for me. I let my hand hang down and pushed it against her swaying thigh noticing she didn't move away, in fact she turned slightly allowing my hand to move closer to the inside of her thigh. Her head was thrown back a bit as she listened and moved to the music.

She was wearing a cotton house dress. Light cotton, buttoned down the front from her throat to just above her knees. I kept the pressure on her thigh, and she turned even more. This time her hand slipped down and adjusted my hand to a slightly higher position, signalling her willingness to go further. Fuck i was hard and trembling. It felt like everyone was watching us.

I turned to put my back to the bar counter, giving my other hand better access to her front. At the same time i surveyed the dark gloomy bar. No-one was interested in us. The place was lazy and smokey, and no-one cared what we were doing. Encouraged i slipped my hand between the buttons inside her dress. She immediately parted her legs slightly, swaying her body a bit but making herself more open to my advances. I lifted my hand searching for her panty liner only to find she wasn't wearing any. My fingers brushed up straight into her pubic hair. She wasn't shaved, she had a full hairy exciting bush of pubes.

I slowly started to rub her pussy open, to which she parted her legs even further. I could feel her clit growing as it swelled up under my fingertips. I had to start releasing some of the buttons of her dress so i had better movement. Eventually i had 4 buttons open and full access to her cunt as we stood silently in the noisy bar. I relished at the brazen access i had to her body in this very public space.

I continued massaging her clit, diving every now and then within her pussy to get my fingers wet. Her juices were flowing down her thighs and i could smell her cum perfume out of her dress. I love anal play, and was dying to see how she would feel if i explored a bit. Moistening my fingers rubbing the inside of her mound, i slipped out and round, moistening her anus with the tip of my fingers. She let out a moan, and visibly widened her stance allowing me full access to her anus. I rubbed it harder and then applied very slow pressure inserting my finger into her anus. I had to moisten her opening a bit until i could feel i was in to my knuckle. I had plugged her anus with my finger trying to gently creating a throbbing pulse inside.

Keeping it there i then pushed another finger and my thumb back into her pussy to give her full double penetration, constantly returning to her clit which seemed to really make her jump. She was clenching my fingers by now with the powerful walls of her pussy.

I hadn't noticed, but her hand was on my cock outside my pants. It was dark inside and i was worried we would be caught. She slipped open my pants, pulled out my stiff cock and started to pump me where i stood. I was so fucked, nothing i could do would stop that moment.

I badly wanted to fuck her first, but i was cumming already. My hand was by now rapid firing into her cunt and arse. She was literally straddling my arm all the while pumping my cock with her hand. She hadn't even wet her palm, my cock was pumping precum out enough for her to hand fuck me to orgasm. I just let it go, i was pumping cum out on the floor in front of where i stood, and i didn't give a shit, she didn't stop. She kept pumping me dry which started to feel painful but i managed to get through that. I knew in seconds i would start to deflate but wanted to keep her excitement high. I had my hand so deep inside her, i could feel her thrusting down, she reached down with her other hand grabbing my wrist and forcing me in deeper as she came.

It was like she peed. Her cum flowed like piss onto my hand and down her thighs as i continued jerking my fingers up and inside her sex. She had very powerful thrusts and clenches on my fingers. She made me pull out of her ass, but kept me going on her pussy while she slowly completed her orgasm pushing all the fingers i could get into her cunt.

The experience was incredible. We went to her place later and fucked the whole night. She loved anal and 69, we sucked each other and fucked each other repeatedly through the night, barely ever speaking. I do remember falling asleep, and waking to find her on my aching swollen cock sucking it to life again, repeatedly reawakening and fucking me. When i couldn't fuck she sat on me rubbing and riding me regardless then falling over and sleeping again.

Id love to go into more detail here sometime and perhaps later ill update this part of the story. I hate a rushed finish.

What a blessed lady friend. Glad to have shared this finally. We fucked on 2 more occasions, but never again like this night. We were insane.