Written by wonder

26 Dec 2015

You know as a lady on this site women do get bombarded with email as soon as they join, and then men wonder why you don’t respond to all the mails. Well for every 1000 males there is 1 woman. And we need to select, we think will be a match. But you know still makes me wonder, why are some of the men on this site the way they are. You start chatting to a person, then start to know them a little, and they tell you that they are also looking for long term NSA fun. But unfortunaly with my experience it seems not to work that way. Have joint the site a while back. Started chatting to a guy seems he wanted the same. First chatting via cell phones, then the meeting, just to see if you have chemistry with the person. And it seems all good. And then you set up a next meeting to fuck. All great. But then the messages gets less, afterwards and even that you have agree to be honest and say that you not interested, it does not happen like that. Some men want to see how many women they can pick up, keeping the back door open. I am not here for a relationship. We all are adults and we do know what the site is about. Sex. But some ladies prefer a more regular partner and not every week a different man. One day my fantasy is to have a once off and don’t see that person again.

Then I decide to give the site another go, because sure there is men that is different, that would like the same but I have the ability to choose the wrong ones that say they wanted long term. So have met another guy, started texting, and starting to get to know each other. I have deleted my profile, and thought this could be the real one to have that uncomplicated sex with. We have met, nice chemistry could chat about every thing, then the next date, sex, because that’s what’s it about. We did that, but afterwards, the texting got less and less, and I am that kind of person, if you don’t want me, or don’t replay back on messages I will leave you alone, because after all it is NSA. Well he is still texting me, but not as often as always same. And also told me he does want to meet up again. But my sixth sense told me (always believe in that) to go on SH created a new profile under a different name. So I did. Just to check if all men are the same. And to my biggest surprise he sent me a mail. WTF, and told me not seeing anyone. And would like to meet me.

So my question today is, why are the men like that, always looking for more? Or are they scared the best pass them by. I don’t judge people men and woman that prefer once off. There choice, but men if you do start chatting to a lady, tell her if you just prefer once off, and not say long term just to get a quick fuck. I know woman and men has equal rights these days, but men treat ladies still like ladies. And be honest.

Because that’s why there are so little ladies on SH, because of some asshole men.

I do know there are some decent men out there that are looking for a regular partner and are real, and will give you that. The problem is I have not found that person yet. This will be the last time I will be on this site, maybe 3rd time lucky. Other wise go back the old ways before internet and sex room. Meet someone in real life, person to person. Or just leave it, totally and focus on my career and family.

I am sure there are ladies, that feel the way I do.