Written by LickSuck69.

17 May 2017

It was a Saturday morning in mid January and the silly season was over, and the liquor store was half empty and not much to do. Working in my office in walks a friend of mine Martin from Union Wine, carrying a bottle of wine for me, saying since I had not seen you since before Christmas, here is a gift for you. Asking him why, on a Saturday,he says, am on my way to Pick and Pay, so thought I would just pop in. Martin been the naughty person he is, says lets go out side and have a look at the women passing by, we both had a great eye for a sexy woman passing by. Standing and chatting in the passage of the satellite stores leading to Pick and Pay, with Martin facing away from the entrance and me facing all the on coming traffic of all the people leaving Pick and Pay. With most of the ladies very well tanned, we could see who had been away on holiday at the sea. The ratings were very high and the comments flowing even better than before. The ladies were driving our hormones wild with desire.

Wondering what it was, that Martin had come to Pick and Pay for, because he made no move to go to Pick and Pay, he just carried on chatting telling me about his great holiday he and his lady friend had just returned from in the Wilderness. Knowing he lived with a lady friend, but had never seen her, was surprising to me, she never attended any of the functions I had been invited to, so often wondered if it was just talk or was it really true. Walking in my direction was this very sexy lady, very well tanned and wearing a nice white summer dress, which was almost see through because of her tan. The closer and closer she got, the more my eyes got glued on her. I then said Martin look at this lady walking towards us, he turns around and at that moment I said, " With a mother like that I would make my own brothers and sisters." Martin knowing all to well what I meant just smiled and laughed with me, no saying another word, the lady walks up to Martin and puts her arm around him and says hello baby. Just feeling more embarrassed than ever before, and sure my face must be as red as red can be, and wishing Martin and his lady friend would leave so I could return to the store. But not so lucky would I be, Martin introduces me to his lady friend, saying Cindy this is Peter-John the naughty blonde chap I have told you about. Cindy says so I have heard some great stories about you, hopefully the are not all true, before I could get a word in Martin says, Cindy you know what Peter-John has just said about you, not knowing where to look,and Cindy looking straight into my eyes, Martin starts, saying, as you were walking to wards us, Peter-John said "With a mother like you he would like to make his own brothers and sisters." Cindy looks smiling at me, and says would you be so lucky, all I wanted was the floor to open up and swallow me up. Cindy seeing how embarrassed I looked, said Martin, come we must still go to your sister, and off in the distance they walked.

Every time I saw Martin it became the greeting joke, so you want to make your own brothers and sister, and we would laugh about the incident. Every time Martin saying, Cindy says you must come around for a braai on Saturday evening. Not knowing if Martin or Cindy was inviting me because of what happened that Saturday, so I kept postponing the invitation. Until one Thursday afternoon Cindy phoned me to the store and invited me to come over and have a braai that Saturday late afternoon, so this time I accepted her invitation and said I will see them at about five thirty. The Saturday is upon me rather quicker than I had hope, so off to Martin's I go, arriving at the house still feeling a bit nervous of my first meeting of Cindy, I knock on the door, Martin opens and says come in, hope you don't mind Cindy is tanning topless at the pool, I say no it doesn't bother me have seen many pairs of breasts in my day. We go through to the pool area, and Cindy lying on her tummy, turns her head and says hi, this is your mommy. We all chuckle with laughter and Martin offers me some wine while he pours a double whisky for himself, and a martini for Cindy. All chatting in a jovial spirit, Cindy turns over onto her back, and carries sipping on her martini, Martin is putting the whisky back and is starting to get slurry in his speech and Cindy says Martin you better start the fire if we going to eat this evening. Martin starts the fire and Cindy goes in side to put a dress over her bikini panty. With the fire ready, Cindy comes through with the meat for Martin to braai, with the meat on the braai, and beginning to burn because by this time Martin is well on his way and can hardly stand, so I take over the braaiing duties, with the braaing done, we all dish up and start eating, eating drinking and chatting, that's the pattern of the evening, until Martin says he is going to lay down, so inside he goes.

Cindy tries to apologize on Martin's behalf, not quiet sure if I should finish my wine and say good night to Cindy. We start chatting on a more serious light and Cindy said to me, now you see why I have never married Martin, he just drinks to much for me. So I said why don't you leave him then, she answers if I do he will end up in the gutter, so that's why I stay with him. Getting up Cindy comes over to me and starts rubbing her hands through my hair and says, tonight I am going to be your mommy, and starts kissing me. Pushing my head away, I said Cindy what about Martin, she says don't worry about him, he will sleep right through until tomorrow morning, so he will never know about you and me. Cindy takes off her dress and stands just in her bikini panty, and starts rubbing on her pussy, driving my cock to grow and grow until it's hard as hell and Cindy pulls down my jeans and starts sucking on my cock, deeper and deeper it goes until it's almost down her throat, enjoying sucking on my cock, Cindy pulls down her panty, dropping onto the floor, I start rubbing my fingers on her pussy, up and down the lips, occasionally, pushing my fingers into her pussy, and Cindy letting out aloud groan. Cindy lays back on the couch and says please Peter-John just fuck me, putting my cock into her warm wet pussy,I start fucking Cindy, until I feel her warm wet juices flowing around my cock, collapsing on top of Cindy, Cindy says, was it what you though it would be, saying to Cindy it was much better than I could ever imagine, hopefully there will be more for me. Looking into my eyes Cindy say definitely. That was the first of many great evenings.