02 Dec 2016

Last week, a clear weekend after so many rainy ones, was the perfect opportunity to head to the beach. My wife's on mission to get back to her weight and shape before the babies came around. So as a good husband, I encouraged her by buying a sexy bikini so that she can show off her figure (wink wink). I insisted she wear it, and she looked great in it. She has a completely smooth pussy so there was bikini bottom looked awesome...I tried hard to get her in that bikini and now all I could think about was getting it off.

We dried off, I had an instant hard-on when she stripped to change to her clothes.

When we got home, we went to shower together.

We soaped eachother, and I ate her pussy, I could taste her, she came so quickly. She began to suck my cock and then we decided to take this to the room.

We must have fucked a half dozen times.

But the climax was tying her to the posts and blindfolding her. I lubed her. And then I used her vibrator to turn her on, her moans were so soft and had goose bumps as I spread her thighs and eat her pussy. She was soaking. She came again.

Then I left the vibrator in her pussy and fucked her mouth, and changed between pussy and mouth, until I felt I was cumming, I knew she could feel it and she swallowed my cum, and let a little drip on the side of her mouth.

We sat like that for a while, she freshened up and we went to the kitchen for a bite...naked