18 Jun 2016

About 2 weekends ago, our babies went to spend the weekend with their grandparents. Awesome. It was Saturday afternoon, I was horny and my wife and i had the house to ourselves. I went to the lounge and before i could tell her lets get it on, she said, I need to ask you something"....CRAP....a mood killer...no erection can survive those words.

She was in a shitty mood. No matter what I said, it didn't resolve anything, so i went to the room and put watched TV.

About 10 minutes passed and she walks into the room. She kisses me. Now I'm confused. And then she starts to unbutton my jeans. So I asked her what's this about because I'm pissed and confused, but I'm getting horny. She says "just fuck me." I have not seen her this possessed in a long time. And then she started to suck my cock. She gets off the bed and kneels next to it, and says fuck me harder...she doesn't usually talk like this...so I held the back of her head and it wasn't long before I came in her mouth. I placed her on the bed, she was on all fours and I ate her pussy from behind. Her favourite position is doggy and I love the way her boobs sway when I fuck her from behind. We fucked and played with each for a couple of hours, we must have cum a good few times and we were literally drained . We decided to get ready and go out for the evening and carry on where we left off......