Written by jbossman

29 May 2015

It all started when we went camping,me my and her friend that went to the same school as her we all were the age 24 this happened in 2010. While camping these 2 my wife and her friend were quite drunk and started talking about lesbian stuff and started kissing and then I thought what the hell let me join so I joined and kissed both of them and my wife started to finger her and I pulled down her pants to see her pussy and it was just as I image how it would look,smooth and juicy,i stuck my finger in her pussy and felt its quite tight. The night ended with no hardcore sex. 2 months later we planed a trip to capetown for a week and it was me my wife and her same lesbian friend. When we arrived at capetown on a friday andwe stoped at he b&b we booked. We unpacked our bags,took a shower,slept a wile and then at +-20:30 we dressed and hit the clubs in long street. Going from club to club drinking and partying. When we arrived at the b&b round about 05:00 we whent to our room my wife was feeling realy horny and I undressed her,and went down on her sucking and licking her pussy. Then she got on top of me and ride me slow and long. I mentioned that she should invite her friend and she said no. She the came and I came. She passed out into a deep sleep. I was still awake and then the door opened and her friend walked into our room only in he night gown and a pair of panties. I stood up and walked to her,grabing her and kissing her. I then laid her on the floor and pulled of her panties. In front of me with her legs wide open is her clean shaven pussy and I just licked and sucked on her pussy slowly savouring every lick,my mouth full of her juices... I pulled of my boxers and laid on top of her,kissing and with my hard dick pressing against her pussy lips...she the grabbed my dick and pushed it into her pussy....her pussy was really tight,felt her wet pussy lips grabbing tight on my cock as it moves out and in and out and in slowly enjoying every stroke of my cock in her tight pussy...she the moand bit louder as she was getting closer to orgasm,i had to tell her to keep quiet cause my wife is on the bed and could wake or hear us. Then I felt her grabbing me tight as she cums,feeling her pussy is soaking wet I started to pound her harder as I felt im close to unload my cum.....i pulled out and came all over her stomach...

..then I pushed my still rock hard dick back into her pussy because It was so good really. As I pushed it in she smiled and said "seconds"? I just smiled back and said "of course". So we fucked 3 times that morning before my wife woke up. A hour after my wife woke I had to fuck her to. She did not know we had sex. Yip but it was gr8