Written by kmblycouple

02 Mar 2014

The doorbell rings making both our hearts race! Letting him in wearing his blue police uniform, pants tucked into his boots gun at his side he looks like his going on a raid all that's missing is his bullet proof vest! Making our way to our bedroom where my wife waits wearing her pink corset, garter belt and stockings with pink high heels looking fucking incredible. He walks up to her grabs the back of her neck and starts kissing her long and deep. Sitting down on the couch next to our bed I watch as he pushes her down and starts to unzip his pants and takes out his dark thick cock almost twice the size of mine and his not even hard yet. As she squats legs open in front of his beautifull thick member I notice a wet spot on her panties as her tells her to suck his cock. She touches him and starts rubbing his cock,turning to me as if for approval I nod my head and she moves her head forward licking his purple head then starts to suck on it. By now I'm ready to blow my load as I watch my wife sucking on this guys cock, enjoying the thickness, the taste, the texture. His clean shaven dark brown cock now twice as big he lifts her up and her mouth plops off his cock. He pushes her onto our bed and starts kissing her,licking her body. Removing her tiny thong his ravages her wet pussy not wasting any time. She gestures nearer and grabs my aching cock and sucks on me so hard it hurts, breathing heavy she cums and just falls back into the pillows. He grabs her by her legs pulls her nearer and flips her over, as he says" now the fun starts" with that he loosens the buttons of his shirt and then his pants and we see his muscular chest and abs. His pants at his feet he positions himself in line with her wet pussy his big cock head pressing against her glistening wet lips. Pushing his cock head in she moans and he pulls back but quickly pushes it back then she starts to moan and groan louder with every centimetre entering her. Slowly he ups his stroke, pumping faster and faster. Her face is a picture of pure bliss her hands grabbing on the sheets as he fucks her he stops, pulling out his cock then ramming it back in. Watching in awe as this tall dark handsome stranger fucks my wife I stroke my cock just sitting there looking at my wifes face showing me exactly what she's feeling. Removing his cock from her he smacks her ass hard and turns her around laying her on her back and without warning plows his big cock into making her scream as his balls smack against her ass. Grunting hard and fucking her harder he pulls out his cock and cums on her pussy shooting rope after rope on her clit, navel, stomach and chest. Catching his breath his gets dressed and says" thanx guys" and leaves. As I return to our bedroom wifey is laying and playing with his cum on her clit and pussy. " U just gonna stand there or u gonna clean me up?"

Nw that's a story for next time!