07 Jul 2016

Well where do I start..... When you read some of the stories on the site you cant help but think that miracles only happens to others. My wife works from home, general beauty things. Some of her clients is really insanely hot and they are always very friendly but nothing even remotely prepared me for what happened last week!

As usual the bell rings and I go to open the door, its right about then when my jaw dropped to the floor as one of the hottest girls stood in front of me with a jean that was made by the hands of the devil . heels that would make a striper jealous and a affliction jacket that can actually show cleavage. Full breasts pushing the zipper to the max.

I gathered myself and invited her in and offered her some coffee as she was a bit early for her appointment. In the kitchen she came to keep me company. I could feel her eyes watching me the whole time and me spilling everything made her giggle, one of those naughty schoolgirl giggles. She asked me why I seemed to be nervous, and what came out of my mouth was totally unplanned. I told her that she looked exceptional in her outfit and that she must make someone very happy looking like that.

Next moment I could feel her standing right behind me, in my bubble as they say. Then I got a warm chill running up thru my legs as I felt her hand coming around my hips along the line of my pants all the way to the front. Needless to say my cock was pulsating and hard as a rock at this point. She started to rub the bulge of my pants and I could hear a mmmm sound coming from her mouth. She turned me around and looked me deep in the eyes and told me that my wife mentioned that we are in the lifestyle and that she would like to join us at some point. She turned to walk away and a little demon inside me took over. I grabbed her arm and pulled her close. she did not move away and I knew this was my chance.

My hands moved under the jacket and I could feel her cold skin. I thought I was in control at this point but I was badly mistaken. She dropped to her knees and started pulling down my pants. her hands was cold as she started to stroke my now painfully hard cock. Then the contrast of warm lips and a wet mouth nearly made me blow the load rite there and then. Lucky for me my wife entered the kitchen, "this looks nice" is the only thing I could hear her say. The next moment both of them is on their knees and sucking me like crazy. Wife holding my cock presenting it to our new "friend". After a while my wife says we should go to the salon instead.

They ordered me to sit down and proceeded to undress each other. They continued to fondle, lick , flick each others firm breasts and tease each others nipples. this made me completely loose it. She laid my wife on her back on the massage table pulling lines with her tongue on her inner thighs. I knew she was hitting the spot when my wife's back curled and she let out a moan. I decided to get in on the action and got in behind her and started eating her moist pussy from behind. she suddenly came with huge shudders of her hips and that just made me stick my tongue in deeper to catch every drop. She gathered herself and I picked her up and laid her back on the couch armrest flat on her back. My wife came to stand next to us and said she would do the honour of inserting my cock into this brunette goddess in front of me. I started to thrust deep into her and I could feel her unexpectedly tight pussy gripping me for dear life. I continued thrusting and after a while really mounted a assault on her pussy. My wife started to rub her clit and that made her tighten even more around me. I could feel that I was not far from exploding and gave them a heads up. And then my wife did something completely out of character and got on her knees and made the girl take position next to her. And like a ending to a porno they started to suck my cock wildly. First my wife cleaned off all the juices that was left and then with the picture of them sharing my cock made me explode like I have never done before.

I basically fell to the ground with knees looking like a new-born goat of some kind.

However this was not the end of my surprizes for that week......... a vanilla friend gave us a shock 2 days after this. but that's a story for next time.......