Written by Curiosus

08 Mar 2016

So last year june with my wife's birthday we went for dinner with all the friends. After dinner we and another couple decided to do some bar hopping. So we worked our way from Centurion to the Moot, stopping at at least 5 places. Hooters was our second last stop. This made the girls very horny and drunk. Us men, gentlemen that we are, decided to head home before they get too drunk for some action.

We got in the car, the girls in the back, we in the front. As I got on the higway I noticed they were kissing and I thought what a good time to propose to stop at Teazers. We got there just as a show started. We ordered drinks and watched. After the show the girls came past and introduced themselves. My wife was very horny at this stage and was rubbing my cock under the table. She then asked me if she and her GF can take this one girl for a couples dance in a booth. Which I agreed to. Me and my buddy knew we are getting lucky tonight so we hit back a couple of suitcases. The girls got back and we left for home.

In the car they got naked and played with each other. When we got home, we guys got out but they were still busy. I turned my wife so that I fucked her from behind while she kissed her GF. My buddy was behind his wife.

A while later we went in, put on some porn to finish the evening. My wife passed out within five minutes. And I thought to myself, "Damn. No release for me". The other couple retired to the guest room as I took my wife to our room.

There I lay for about five minutes, hard as a rock and wife passed out. Then I heard the fridge opening and I got up and thought it was my buddy. To my amazement it was his wife, naked in my kitchen. I said sorry, and just walked past and unlocked the back door to go and have a smoke. While sitting on the step. She came out and kneeled in front of me and started to suck my hard cock. I looked at her and she just smiled and said

"hubby dared me - he is behind you." I looked over my shoulder and passed my cigarette to him.

She sucked me for about five minutes, then I stood up, got behind her and entered her while her hubby took my place. I rammed her hard, pushing his cock deeper in her mouth. I felt that I won't last long, and asked the qeustion which he replied to "skiet diep, tjomma" which I did.

Next morning I told my wife. She was mad 'cause she wanted to be part of it. So I picked up my phone, phoned them and said " gaan julle heeldag slaap of gaan julle in ons bed kom klim?"

They where there in a flash.....