Written by Icarus

19 Aug 2015

I have known my wifes younger cousin for 9 years now, from when she was an awkward teen and watched her grow into a confident 22yr old.

What i didnt expect was the my secret fantasy would come to life.

She was staying with us for a week, that wasnt unusual, she often did it to shorten her commute to work.

Truth be told, i have imagined her naked. She has these huge tits, and i contemplated a spy cam in the shower to get a look.

It was Friday night, late, everyone was asleep and i settled down in front of the tv for some me time. Some hardcore porn, and soon i was good to go. In that darkened room i slowly stroked my cock watching the teen star being gangbanged when i felt someone behind me.

I turned sharply, and there she was, standing there. Not watching the movie but her eyes fixed on my hard cock.

I made ano effort to cover up and started to explain when she motioned me to be quiet.

She moved to me and slid her hand under the blanket... Findining my still hard cock. My eyes grew wider, was this really happening.

She dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth sucking wildly.

She paused to remove her pj's, and there they were those amazing fucking tits.

Better than i imagined and nipples hard.

Her pussy, clean shaven.

She straddled me and my cock easily found its target.

She moved up and down slowly...even though she was so wet, my thick cock stretched her, and she was doing her best to be quiet.

As amazing as the sight of her on my cock was, i was not satisfied. The slut on the porno was being hammered and i needed to do the same to this slut.

I lifted her and dropped her onto the couch, i slammed my cock into her hard, and a moan of pain escaped me.

She could see i wasnt going to be gentle, she grabbed a cushion and bit down to muffle her sounds.

I pounded her pussy. Pulling out then slamming it back in, her little hole gaping from my cock.

Her big tits bounced as she took her fucking.

I knew i wouldnt last long in that tight pussy and i was about to pull out when she whispered to me "dont pull out, im on the pill, cum inside me"

I fucked her deep and soon shot my load deep into her young pussy.

Exhausted after, she just smiled, said good night and went off to bed.

The next morning she looked at me and smiled at the table, motioning me with her eyes to look down, i could see traces of my cum on her inner thigh.

Her visits have been more frequent now and when we have been alone she's moaned loudly and swallowed greedily.