Written by Coolcpl

06 Oct 2015

My wife and I had always had a good sex life. Being married for 5 years we had managed to keep the flame alive..tried almost everything from anal, light bdsm to cum swallowing. She loved it all. We are a white couple. She is 34 with dark brown hair and the body of a 21 year old! Firm c cup breasts with large brown nipples that become very hard when she's horny, slim waste , landing strip pussy and the finest bubble butt you could imagine. I myself am more on the rugged side, at 36 with a solid 6.5 incher which she deepthroats on a regular basis.

About 3 months ago after some steamy shower sex we both returned to the bed to get some sleep. My wife turned to me and with a glimmer in her eye said : "I wonder what it would be like taking someone's virginity." I was puzzled at first. Well my wife and I both had sex before we had met so by the time we were dating, it was a regular occurrence. She giggled to which I responded : "I imagine it would be quite thrilling." She looked a bit embarrassed , red in the face and then blurted out : " would you get mad if I fucked a virgin?" Quite stunned I shrugged my shoulders, I knew she was daring but never thought she would go that extreme. "I don't know " I said, "I love you but you havent really brought up this fantasy before." "I know, it's just something I love seeing in those pornos, milf with a young innocent guy" she responded , still quite red in the face. I put my arm over her and said "Well don't be embarrassed about it, I'm sure I wouldn't mind. As long as I'm there to watch." Somehow the words left my mouth quicker than the time I took to process them. She kissed me deeply and suddenly I found myself hard at the thought of my wife fucking an inexperienced virgin. I ran my hand down her thighs and found she was soaking wet.. I licked my fingers and my rock hard cock now poked at her side. Trust me when I say, the sex was amazing that night, I fucked her on all fours and fingered her ass. I was afraid her moans would wake up our 3 year old in the next room, as she shuddered with orgasm after orgasm.

We hadn't talked about that night for a few weeks. Life went on and we still fucked like bunnies whenever we could. It was the June holidays and our kid was off at his Gran's so the wife and I had the place to ourselves. My wife, a teacher was also taking some much needed rest from the busy exam period. I first noticed it on a lazy Sunday afternoon at the pool. Our backyard is structured such that our neighbors have a clear view of the pool from their house, which is higher up. The fence we have is quite low so one can easily peer over the wall. Our neighbors were good, simple people. We had known them for the past 5 years since we bought the place after the wedding. Always willing to lend a helping hand. An Indian family of 4 - a son and a daughter. The son had turned 18 the previous year and was back home after his first semester at campus. A fair skinned, skinny guy with a boyish charm but all in all a real nerd, we'll call him "A."

So on this particular Sunday, my wife had noticed him washing their car in the yard and decided to put on her skimpy 2 piece bikini. The blue thong fell tightly between her ass cheeks and her breast bounced as the fabric barely covered her large tits. I watched from within the house as she grabbed a towel and walked outside. Acting like she didn't notice him there she dropped her towel purposely and bent over to pick it up, providing A with a full view of my wife's glorious ass. I watched his eyes open wide and face get flustered. My wife the whole time looked at me inside the house and smiled. She picked up her towel and dove straight in enjoying the cool water. A continued to watch as he hosed down the car. After about 10 minutes of her frolicking in the water, she got out, dried herself and turned around facing A. "Oh, Hey you! Didn't notice you there..good to see you again" to which he responded " good to see you too Mrs.H" with a shy look on his face. " Well see you around " she said and returned into the house. I met her in the doorway and she looked at me and laughed. "You naughty little minx" I responded, "I guess you've made your choice hey." "I think I have" she said blushing. "Well when is this going to go down? " I asked. "I want to try tomorrow!, I have a plan," she responded.

I called in sick at work the next day. Locked up my car in the garage to make it seem as if I wasn't home. The wife was awake early saying she couldn't sleep and had butterflies in her tummy. So her plan was to call A over and ask him to help her mark a ton of test scripts. She was going to seduce him while I watched quietly from the hallway. She called our neighbor's place and thankfully A picked up. She told him she needed his help marking a few scripts as she had a pile of work to do by tomorrow. He agreed and said he'd meet her there in half an hour. He just had to shower. The excitement on my wife's face was clearly evident. She rushed into the room, took of her sweatpants and put on a sexy pink g string and a short denim skirt. She put on a white vest from which her nipples poked through. "How do I look?" She said. "Well if I was a virgin I'd fuck you," I laughed. I waited in the hallway and just left the door slightly ajar. A knock at the door and my wife sprang to excitement.

A was in his track pants and a loose t shirt. She thanked him for coming over and led him to the dining room. All the while his eyes were fixed on her body, a look of nervousness in his eyes. She offered him a drink and he accepted. She poured him some cool drink and sat down at the table. They began to mark a few tests. She gave him the memo and they laughed at some of the responses some learners had submitted. It seemed to go on for some time and the wife steered the conversation towards his love life and campus life. "Well I've never had a girlfriend before " he laughed. "A handsome guy like you, that's impossible" she said. A smiled and blushed. She lowered her voice and said "well loosen up a bit, enjoy life." "I'll try to " he chuckled. "Sooo..you've never been with a woman before?" He was shocked at how direct the question was. Lifted his head embarrassed, swallowed deeply and said "No I haven't."

There was a silence afterwards and I could hear my own breathing in the hallway. My wife smiled at him, a naughty smile and placed her hand on his. "Maybe I can help you out" she said. She climbed over the table and opened her legs wide in front of him. A was stunned at what was happening. He moved his chair back and said "but you're married Mrs.H, that wouldn't be appropriate. "I won't tell if you won't" she said. Her thighs were gleaming in the sunlight and her g string barely covered her asshole and pussy lips. "But are you sure?" He said nervously. "100℅, just don't tell anybody." She took his hand and placed it gently over her underwear. "Today you become a man" she said. He began to move his hand up and down her underwear, fascinated at the softness of the pussy underneath. She slowly motioned for him to take off her panties to which he obliged. She placed them around his neck and smiled. She stood up took off her vest , hard nipples exposed and tits bouncing as the top was removed. Off came the skirt and my wife was butt naked inches away from A. I stood there in awe of what was happening. She stroked her pussy slowly, teasing the hair above her clit and said "tell me no and I'll stop" A swallowed hard and said "Wow you're so sexy, please don't stop." She leaned back on the table , wrapped her legs around his neck. "Eat my pussy" she said. He neared her pussy,taking in the unfamiliar musty sweet smell of a woman and placed his tongue on her lips..she moaned softly and held on to the back of his head. "Put a finger in and lick my clit , on the top" she instructed. He wasted no time in doing so...my wife began to moan again..louder and louder.."right there " she said. "Eat that married pussy" His fingers were drenched at this point and I could see that he was getting into a nice rhythm. My wife's juices were all over his chin as he came up for air a few times asking "Is it good?" To which she responded "yes, don't stop." My wife was so turned on by what was happening that I doubt A's lack of skill was deterring her. She let out two successive moans and sat up. She kissed A deeply tasting her juices. "Hmmm you were good " she said. Her tongue entered his mouth again and he kissed her back. "I want you to relax " she said. She got off the table and sat on his lap, grinding against his pants slowly. She hopped off and went down on her knees. Removing his tracks slowly she revealed a small hard cock protruding through his underwear. A just sat there looking at her. She grinned and took his tracks off, through them to the floor and kissed his cock through his underwear. She pulled at his underwear and about a 4 inch dark cock with a pink head sprang to life. Off went the underwear revealing the only virgin cock she had ever seen. He was uncut, the head slightly out of his dark foreskin. The thicket of pubic hair didn't bother her either. She slowly wanked him smiling at him the whole time until eventually she took his small cock in her mouth. He let out a moan of pleasure as she took his whole cock between her lips..fitted nicely inside and she began bobbing her head moving faster and faster over his hard cock. She slowed down and sucked his balls too..the brown cock inside her pink lips almost drove me over the edge. He began to hold the back of her head as she pleasured him.."Mrs H, you're amazing" he said with his eyes closed. She stood up suddenly and said "I don't want you to cum now" although I'm sure he was pretty close. As he sat there on the chair, she hovered over him, kissed him , one hand on his cock as she lowered herself onto him. He let out a painful but pleasurable moan as his cock went all the way up her married cunt. A weird sensation for him, with a hazy eyed look on his face. I saw her then ride him slowly and kiss him as she did..in those few seconds which seemed like forever she moaned and often said " I like that virgin cock baby" she rode him faster now, as he grabbed onto her hips and ass. He tits bounced in his face and he said "I'm going to cum" in a struggled voice. My wife took him deeper in and rubbed her clit in that 30 seconds of pleasure. He blew his load inside her as she held his face in her bossom. She kissed him, jumped off to reveal her cum drenched pussy. Her landing strip had cum droplets and it began to run down her leg. She bent down and sucked up whatever cum he had left , swallowed it too, knowing she had stripped him of his innocence. She stood up and asked happily ,"How was that?" "Amazing" he said. "I just wish I lasted longer." "It's normal" she said. "You'll get better with time." He stood up , put his pants on and planted a deep kiss on her lips. "Thanks Mrs.H." "it's only my pleasure" she said. "Since you're going to be here for the holiday why not come by more often?" She asked blushing. He smiled and said "I sure will." A left and my wife took a deep breath as the door closed. I opened the door from the hallway and met her in the dining room. My cock hard as ever looking at my wife drenched in a virgin's cum. "That was so amazing!" She shouted. "I felt so in control and wow I just have no words!" She hugged me and said "it is OK if he fucks me regularly right?" "Of course babe" I said. "As long as you're this horny when I get home it's fine." "Hmm I did miss my big boy though" motioning to my cock. "Well then bend over " I said. I spat on my throbbing cock and thrust it deep up her ass as she moaned again and again. By the end both her holes were filled with cum.

A visited her often and she enjoyed his Indian cock a lot. Eventually grooming him to an experienced fuck over the next few weeks. And I always came home to a horny wife ready to fuck my brains out. Best decision ever!