Written by Lekker stom

26 Dec 2017

Wife and i went out to a Christmas dinnner party. Ther was about 30 people and we were all drinking and having fun. One of the people there was an old man called Henk ,he is about 68 ver well dressed and well spoken . As the night went on my wife and Henk start to talk and drink more and more. He was making her laugh and touching her arm and shoulder all the time. My wife is not a dummy and can see this old man is flirting with her big time and she like it. Shy wave me over and tells me Henk and some of the other men are going back to his house for a drink and continue the party at his places. This is when i find out that Henk is single and his wife passed away some years ago.

I did not have any problems as this sound like fun and off we go to Henk’s places. We got to his places and there was 4 other older men one of them a black man think he was the younges of the lot in his fifties i will say. Ther was Henk 68, Roelof 63, Darren 70 , Cliff 66, Ben 50 the black man. The lot of them was old work friends and was drinking buddies. Ben was the one that had to look after them every time over the years.

Well all the men was really nice and chatty with me and the wife and very happy to see us. Drinks was flowing and some music start to play. Darren ask me if ok to dans with my wife, i did not have a problem with this and say yes if she will like to. I see in the coner of my eye that Darren is feeling my wife up as they dans but hay this is old me and no woman. Well first let me tell you about my wife she is 34 and 1.62m 62kg 36C cup breasts and a very clean shaved pussy she is a brown blond very hot and tonight she had a short pencil skirt and a white shefon top with a whit langerie bra on and a black langerie g-string with black suspenders and black stockings on.

As the men start to feel her up and she is drinking more my wife called to one side. She start to say she feel a but Horny and that the men is really doing some mager feeling. This is where my dick start to talk and i told her don’t worry they are old and will do no harm. She then kissed me very hard and put her Tung in my mouth and then whispers if this go on she might get a but to horny to stop them from going to far. Don’t worry just have fun it will be ok.

Henk walked over to us and ask if every thing is ok , i just look at him and said yes yes all is good. Turn around and walk with Henk back to the bar Henk put his hand on her ass and squeeze it and smiled saying this is going to be a good night. All the men come over to her and give her a hug. And then Roelof when in for a kiss and she led him in next I see a hand on her right boob. She looked at me and said you sure this is fine . I smiled and said yes have fun knowing that this lot of old men want to use her tonight. My wife then went to have a seet next to Ben and his black hand is strait on her leg feeling his way up i see that on of the men Cliff has a hand in her top feeling her boobs say out loud this is the best i have ever felt. Henk then leaned in and kiss her and i see his hand gou under her dress and her legs open up . I took a seet across from the men just looking and then in my mind i was looking at 5 old men playing with my sexy wife. Just there i took out my camera phone and start to record the action. My wife was soon with out a top and then with out a bra and then no dress. And all the men was feeling her i see Ben the black man with his mouth on my wife’s left boob sucking it hard and her black g-string pulled to the side with a finger in her. Next my wife come up and say to me i have to take it now i want it is it ok. And suddenly all the men looked at me to see what i say i look at her and just say Yes you can have fun. My wife just pulled on Henk pans and out comes a very thik cock i have seen some cock but this was thik wife start to suck on his cock and next all the cocks was out but only 3 was hard and the other ons semi hard. But the black cock was the winner it was long and thik. There was cocks every were i look around her and she was enjoying it all. I see cliff going down on her pussy and when he comes up the with juice of my wife’s pussy was well seen on his faces. Henk pulled her to the ground and open her legs placesed his cock in her pussy and start to fuck her i can hear her increase her breathing . Next one of the boys shoot a lot of cum on her and tel my wife to suck him. I hear Henk grunt and there he cums in my wife and as he pulled it out i see the cum from her pussy. O fuck no condom with out a blink in my eye Ben is in and his big black man hood is fulling her up he was fucking her so hard you can hear her go huhuhuhu. She is making more noises and more men is cumming in her mouth and cumming on her. Next Ben just give this very loud roar and cum in my wife again no condom. Cum rolling out her pussy on to thee flore. My wife just looked at me and smiled. The men just laughing and just feeling her up and fingering her,

Henk then picked her up and laid her on his bed told me to rest with her and leave in the morning after break fast. It was ok with me went to lay down next to my naked wife and i start to feel her pussy that is still full of cum, i kissed her and fall a sleep just to be woken up by one of the old men taking a photo of her open legs un pussy he was fingering her as well.

Next morning Ben come in kissed her and put his dick back in her like to care fuck her hard cum in her pulled his pans up and thank her. Say this was his first with woman ever. Henk kissed her take her for a shower and we left later the morning. Wife was very happy and give Henk her number. She did not get pregnant but we do have Henk and Ben over regularly.

Thank you for reading this.