Written by lekker stom

30 Nov 2015

Well we went away to Durban for a along weekend. Got up early to get to joburg and flight down to Durban for the weekend . my wife was dressed in a white and blue summer dress had a nice sexy white satin g-string on and no bra.

when we book on to flight there was a lot of business people going down too. As we sat on the plane my wife start to chat to this black gentleman i did not even listen and my mind was on the weekend and the rest i am going to get . i start to fall asleep and noted that my wife was really in joying the chat .

my wife got up and the gent followed her but i did not think any thing of it she was away for a bout 15 min and then she returned with him following a sort time latter . i ask her where she was and told me the toilet . i then note that she is red and smiling to the black man she then gave him some thing and it look like something small. He look at her and smiled big and said will your husband to be upset , whit that she said no and turned to me asking if we can go for a drink with Sam . so Sam is the name of the black man . i was still a bit unsure what had just happened but said yes we can.

He smiled and said nice , and on the two whet talking . As we land in Durban we got of the plane i see my wife smile and was looking a bit horny . We walk out of the plain i note my wife is missing her g-string , i ask her what is going on and why she don't have her pantie on any more. she looked at me and smile " i just gave it to Sam with my mobile number to call us for tonight "

this where she start to tel me he was very nice and she start to like him and want to feel him so they went o the back of the plane where he finger her pussy and she gave him her panties with her number . I suddenly had the big hard on in my pants knowing what she want to do with him .

we got to the holly day inn , it was about 1 pm , wife went out to the shops i got on the bed and had a book to read , but my mind was not even close to it just thinking on how he fingered my wife and no one noted it at all . my wife came back with a bag full of cloths and some new lingerie . in the shower i hear her sing and i know she is shaving her legs and her pussy.

Around 6 pm my wife come out of the bathroom with a very sexy red dress with suspenders and black stocking , i lift up her dress and no pantie is on and no bra . i smiled and said what you hope he is going to give your pantie back haha. she looked at me and said don't know but he might want to feel how i feel.

we met him at a bar in town , i suddenly note that we are the only whit couple in the bar and he has two friends with him , i ask my wive if we cant go some where we are a bit more secured. she look around and i can see she is scared to but here come Sam. Come on in come sit by us he ask me what i drink and what my wive will like , i ask for a beer wife had a wine. the to other black men got up and shake my hand and my wives hand. the one was David and the other one was Carl. Sam told us to not worry no body will do any thing to us he and his friends will look after us.

we sat down me then Sam then my wive Linda then Carl then David, we start to talk and a lots of jokes and i can see my wife is getting more and more attention from the three men. suddenly Sam pull out the whit satin g-string and give it to David my wive went red and she noted that he told them every thing with that Carl put his hand on Lind 's leg and start to feel her up she look at me and said you ok and smiled , are you i ask she knot her head and next i see Sam lean in and kiss my wive. i just sit there and David look at me and say, you have a very nice wife you don't mind we touching her i said no if she is happy i am happy. good man you are and David puts his hand on my wives left boob and take it out in the bar to play with . his black hand on her milk whit boob was wow and you just cant miss that there is a very sexy whit woman in the bar and 3 black men are feeling her up.

Sam called some person over they talked in Zulu and next he tells me to come with them , we all got up and moved in to a private room in the back of the bar. The bar man a very fat old black man open the door and went in with us. don't know who this old black man was but as my wive move past him he grab her ass and say tonight is your night with woman.

my wive sat to feel all the men around her and start to really get hot and next her dress is of and all the 4 men are nude and feeling the whit wive of mine David had a big cock and so did Sam the fat old man was big but not long Carl had a long but thin cock. my wive now only in her suspenders had a cock in evry hand and the fat man in her mouth i see sam put is cock in her his black cock start to enter the what pussy and as he pull back you can see the what cum of my wife on the cock . he start to fuck her harder and harder and next i here my wife say 'ooo my fok die swart piel is groot my man hulle gaan my kla naai vanaand" he stat to fuck her hard and with that the fat man cum on her face my wife suck some more and made a grunt noze mmmmmmmm aaaaaaaa mmmmmmmm . and next i see a black man with no condom cum in my wive whit pussy she just love the feeling and just as he pulled out David was in and he just went hard and fuck her hard and he cum in her to next was Carl and then the fat man all the time a i just look as the 4 men used my wive.

they fucked her for about 3 hours , they all had turns my wife ask if we can go back to the hotel . i pick up her dress and look as the cum on the floor and the cum on her stockings and on her legs are every where. she dress her self and kissed every man there.

we got back to the hotel and i just cant stand it any more and start to kiss her lay her on the hotel bed and start to suck on her pussy and taste all the cum that was in her it was awesome,

Sam live in joburg and have now become my wives lover he had taken her to some parties a couple of times and when she got back home i get to clean all the cum from all the men that fuck her.

she is now pregnant with a boy don't know what it will be might be a black boy , will see .

will tell you next time