08 Jul 2017

Well just a very short story about last night , while we were getting ready to go out last night I noticed my wife got very sexy ly dressed , she put on a mini she never had worn before and spent a long time in front of the mirror. She had swallowed 2 large glasses of wine before we left

At the first pub she ordered a double whisky and was drinking a lot faster than normal. I noticed her eyes were roaming around the bar as she was trying to catch every guy under 35 gaze , especially the under 20s . She would swivel on the bar chair towards there direction, slightly parting her legs and giving them a few seconds glimpse of , and I presume , her damp panties .

By midnight we were dancing on the dance floor and every member of the "younger crowd" had there eyes glued on her body . I knew what was best for her so I decided to tell her I was tired and would walk home , with that I saw the excitement light up in her eyes .

I woke up at about 6 this morning as I heard her take off her clothes and stumble drunk into bed , I pretended to be asleep . Within no time she was asleep , I got up and picked up her discarded panties , they were drenched in semen ! I slipped back into bed and ran my hand between her legs , she was sticky everywhere.

Anyway I've decided I have to take her out a lot more