27 Apr 2019

Introducing Why I love sex a true story with a laugh ??

Why. I love sex simple question for a complex issue. Never thought of it like that but thought I would like to know the story

I write with humility as not an expert or a shrink but just an ordinary citizen not always sane and not too straight to answer a small part of the answer and have a bit of fun at the same time.

When I was writing my story Of Why I love anal sex it was an easier task and that to me was part of the story the very fact that sex is the whole while anal sex was a slice of the story so therefore so much more to write. A daunting task for a layman or woman on an I phone

But in this world of technology it’s a challenge I want to take. So just some background for the reader . For all the more to enjoy the story we can fill these pages with thousands of words but until I wanted to describe all of my love for sex but I realized that would be a book. So I will just write a few short stories. And give the simple answers to why I love sex immediately and then post a few stories . The simple answer is Why Not. ??