14 Feb 2019

I wrote and published this story last year but it got lost, and I still owe an explanation to that person who asked the question in the first place. So here goes my answer to Why?

Why?I was recently asked a question Why? and soon realized many did not fully understand or appreciate anal sex and I say so with humility as by far many did and love it. So my answer to why after posting some very xxx rated anal pics with bdsm toys, pumps and stainless steel. I decided to explain what I get out of it and to answer the question of Why? and fulfill a fantasy or two.

My journey into anal heaven was without doubt filled with mishaps and a lot of pain as can be attested to when I over used a mechanical pump and was swollen so badly I could not walk for a week.

My doctor was not amused and prescribed anti inflammatory and swelling medicine solved the problem. Or after a day and night of repeated use of anal toys, buttplug s and gynae spreaders I literally could not sit without extreme sexual stimulation. For those who know a full prolapse can cause extreme orgasmic release. Sadly there are still those out there who say Sis, when they see a closeup picture of an asshole, even though they can’t live without it and are assholes.

For all ladies out there who have fantasized about a sexy doctor using his tools to open your vagina or asshole. Well I have a wonderful fantasy of my gynecologist using medical tools in me, but sadly he has morals lol. But I have stilled not answered that question Why?

Well an expereince with a pump may answer this. A pussy pump, penis tit and clit pumps causes an intense flow of blood to the pussy or clit. The ass is no different it’s a very intelligent and abused part of our anatomy. But more importantly everybody has one. In males it’s the source of his orgasm. All males should check there prostrate or ask a friend to if you want some real fun. Not to mention the intense orgasm one has from prostrate massage.

Well in any event my experiences with pumps has landed me in the doctors office more than once. Fortunately with no permanent damage but these things should come with a warning.

I enjoy my annual Doctors appointment and am sure many other woman do as well. There is not much more sexual than having to spread your legs while a stranger inspects and probes you and then you pay them. Having said that though my first true sexual anal expereince was a stranger who I hardly knew, but after inviting him over to do a photo shoot for me. Well he was so turned on watching me play with my anal toys he just had to fuck me.

I found the expereince liberating and I was able to dissacoiate myself to become a sex slut. I wanted to be fucked to surrender myself and never once wanted to be in control. I invited him back for seconds.

Then the real kicker I could go on for hours have multiple, but completely different orgasms some so strong would leave me week used and totally exposed, but the orgasms were repeated and quite incredible.

In this I would always fantasize and wish for a gang bang just as many new cocks and pussies that wanted more. It’s a mind fuck ,highly intense awesome expereince.

So to the question of why well not sure if I have answered that yet, but if you don’t believe this story try it yourself someday you will be incredibly surprised and know Why I love analsex.....