Written by Adamcpt

02 Jan 2015

I met her and there was an instant, constant smell of lust and sex aura around us. We went for coffee and that night on Camps Bay beach we went behind the rocks where we made out. Although we did not have sex that night, she gave me a handjob and I got to finger her in the moment of passion. After that we often had sex whenever and wherever the chance arose.

We planned a weekend away and got a cabin. It was a long drive and I was rubbed down a few times as we drove. On arrival on the Friday evening, we unpacked, poured a few glasses of wine, had something to nibble on, and then started exploring each others bodies. We were getting naked and I carried her to the bed. It was dimly lit and very romantic. She was so horny and made no secret that she wanted it. I was in paradise with this horny little nymph.

We kissed, fucked, sucked in any and every style we could imagine. It took us a few minutes after both of us climaxed and then we were ready again and started all over again and again. It was not until the end of the weekend on Sunday that we put our clothes back on again. We slept naked and when I kissed or licked her as she was sleeping, she would respond immediately and next thing we were fucking again. At one stage we were trying to find another guy that could join us cause she wanted more hands to caress her and experiment with more cocks at same time, but were unable to find any available guys.

She loved a good muff. This pattern repeated from Friday evening 8:00 pm and only stopped Sunday around 11:00 am.

Until today I still remember that weekend and have been looking for a similar female to relive such a sex-filled weekend again, but were unable to find another horny nymph like that again.