21 Jun 2018

The afternoon was young and nothing to do....but all afternoon to do something naughty. So off on my motor bike I went. My Kawasaki Z1R up the street I went, winding down the narrow street, my eye caught house number 63, both cars were in the drive, passing by the house, my heart said I must go in, but my mind said keep going, so straight a head I went, but my heart kept pounding please go in. Knowing all to well that if both cars were there that meant Tiny and Bea would be there. When suddenly my mind said I owe them a visit for all that they have done for me. So I did a U turn and went back to house number 63. Free wheeling down the drive way as not to make to much of a noise, I parked my Kawasaki between the the cars, and entered the house through the back door. I asked," is any body home", only to be greeted by the voice of the char Anna who was doing the Ironing. Looking at me she said, " Hello Naughty Billy, who are you looking for." Looking at her, she smiled at me and said, "They are upstairs in the room." Still looking at me, she said, " aren't you going in to say hello." So off to the stairway I walked. Thinking should I go up or not, Finally saying let me go up and say hello to them.

Walking up the steps towards the bedroom, I could hear a murmur, which went from a groan to a grunt and went to a heavy panting. Still thinking how could I go into their bedroom and spoil their fun, but my heart kept saying, keep going and see what I am missing. The closer and closer I got to the top of the landing the heavier and heavier the panting got. Finally I got to the top of the landing, and the bedroom door was partly closed. I peeped into the room, only to see Bea lying on the bed, and her head flopped into the pillow, and her one leg hanging over the edge of the bed, and two dildos next to her on the bed. I could see her one hand had pulled her panty to the side and her other hand was busy playing with her pussy. Her hand way going up and down pussy, not quiet sure if she had her fingers inside her pussy or not, but noticed that the motion was getting more and more vigorous, and her panting turned to a scream, " I wish you could be fucking me." I kept peeping from behind the door, and my cock getting more and more erect and tight against the inside of my jeans. Now rubbing my cock with my hands and getting more and more horny, and Bea getting more and more rougher with the motion of her hand, I heard a sound coming from the bottom of the stairway, but too afraid to turn around and see who it was, as it seemed like I had been caught peeping of what was going on in the bedroom. Bea suddenly removed a glass cock shaped dildo from her pussy, putting it to her mouth and licking it clean with her tongue. Still wondering if I had been seen, and Bea finished sucking on her dildo, she sat up and said, " Billy you can come in." Now I knew that I had been caught by Bea peeping at her dildo fucking her pussy.

On entering the room with my cock still pressing against the inside of my jeans, I lay across the bottom of the bed, hoping that Bea had not noticed the bulge in the front of my jeans. Still lying on my one elbow Bea started to rub her toes up and down my chest. Bea than shouted out to Anna if she could bring her a cup of tea, and me a glass of juice and a rye bread sandwich for me. A few minutes later Anna entered the room with the tray and a broad smile on her face, telling me she had seen me peeping at Bea. Putting the tray on the bed Anna said to Bea that she had completed her work for the day so she would be leaving for home. Bea sipping on her tea and me eating on my sandwich and sipping on my juice, Bea just kept smiling at me but not saying a word, and her foot pushed in the direction of my cock, rubbing her foot against my cock, Bea smiled even more and more, finally saying so is this what I did to your cock from behind the door. The tray on the floor and Bea still playing with my cock with her foot, she bends over and pulls me closer towards her at the top of the bed. Slowly Bea pulled off my T Shirt and unbuckled the belt of my jeans. Now with my jeans around my knees, Bea started to suck on my cock, first only on the head and slowly getting my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, and my cock getting down her throat, Bea bites on my shaft. Me fondling on her breasts with my hands, and rubbing her nipples with my finger tips was causing Bea to start getting more and more aroused, with my one hand now playing with her pussy, and my fingers entering into her pussy, caused Bea to shout out fuck fuck me please Billy. Bea flopping with her head into the pillows, and her legs spread wide apart, I started to pull off her frilly panty, Bea opened her pussy lips and I pushed my cock into her pussy, with my cock deep into her pussy, Bea whispered in my ear, " Wow Billy your cock is much bigger than Tiny's." Slowly we both started fucking.....Trusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, the motion started to get more and more vigorous, both of us enjoying the fucking. Bea's pussy started to get tighter and tighter around my cock, sensing Bea was getting close to orgasm. Me fucking and fucking and I could feel that I was ready to shoot my load, pulling my cock out of her pussy, Bea sucked on my cock, and I shot my load deep into her mouth. Releasing my cock from her mouth, Bea shows off the cum in her mouth, then swallowed all the cum before sucking on my cock again and make sure it was totally clean.

Both of us relaxed on the bed, Bea asked me if I could take her on a bike ride one afternoon, as she missed the bike ride after Tiny gave his bike to me. The bike ride was for another occasion.