Written by KeepPeeping

18 Apr 2018

It was Thursday evening and it was my pool evening, and I was standing under the water in the shower, and thinking who was I going to hustle or would I be so lucky and get invited to their home that evening. Still covered in soap sups and shampoo in my hair. When suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. Knock...knock the person kept knocking on the door. So I peeped through the bathroom window, only to see the figure of a lady with a basket on her arm, standing in the dim light outside the door. Thinking she was the lady that I had met at the club the weekend before, I shouted , "I'm coming," laughing the lady answered hopefully it will be for me. Jumping out the shower and dripping wet and with a towel around my midriff, I proceeded to open the door, with me peeping from behind the opening of the door. I was met with the sight of a very sexily dressed lady, and known to me, who need no invitation to come in, she pushed her way right passed me and dropped the basket to the floor. To be greeted, "So you have not changed at all, still wondering around in the nude." She grabbed me around the neck and gave me a kiss, since we had not seen each other in quiet a while. This caused my towel to drop to the floor. While kissing and my hands rubbing up and down her back and butt, I could feel she was not wearing any underwear underneath her tightly fitted white dress. Feeling her nipples getting harder and harder as they rubbed against my wet body, and my cock started to get naughty. I released the lady from my arms and rushed through to the bathroom to complete my shower, with many more different thoughts going through my mind, I could hear her remove a few plates from the cupboard to place the contents from the basket on them. I could hear her high heels going click clack.....click clack on the floor as she carried the plates of snacks and placed them on the bar counter in the corner of the room, and took a seat on the sofa positioned against the wall which had a view right into the bathroom. While toweling down my body, I noticed she kept peeping in my direction, not saying a word, she kept licking on her lips. Pulling on my vest, a voice shouted out, "leave it off, so I can see your chisel chest, and feel if it is real." Pulling on my shorts, I exit the bathroom.

Looking at the spread on the bar counter, I offered her a drink, looking at the bar she said, " Well Billy I see you have increased your range since you have moved into your new home." I will have a Johnny Walker Gold on the rocks Please. After having poured her Johnny Walker Gold into one of my fine crystal cut whisky tumblers, with a few cubes of ice, and me a glass of my favorite red wine, she got up, and took up a seat on a bar stool opposite me. Her eyes locked into mine, and her thoughts many miles away, I thanked her for the spread, she had brought for the evening. She said, " it was a pleasure and I should know that she never goes anywhere empty handed." Both of us taking a sip on our drinks and nibbling from the spread of food. We started chatting. I asked her how things were going between Tiny and herself. She said to me, " you know how life is between Tiny and Bea, Tiny is still the playboy and jet setter he likes to be, traveling the world for business and partying when ever he is at home." They had jut returned from a trip to Italy a few weeks ago, and that Tiny was out of town again, on a week's business, and she was feeling rather lonely. Bea then said she had heard from my parents that I had moved into a new apartment in Hillbrow, so she thought that she would surprise me with an unexpected visit that evening. Bea then asked me, " What made me decide to move into an apartment on the eighth floor, since I had always lived in places with wide open spaces." I replied, " Now that I have completed my studies, I thought it was time to spread my wings and get a place of my own, and that Hillbrow would be central for me, as I worked in Johannesburg central, and I would not have to travel in the traffic from Sandton twice a day, and that the night life was there as well." This was Hillbrow of the 80's and early 90's not to day. The drinks were flowing and we were both getting rather tipsy, and it was getting rather late into the evening, and Bea made no move to be leaving for home. Bea then got off her stool and went through to the bathroom, not closing the door behind her, she went straight and sat on the loo to have a pee, with the sound of her pee landing on the water in the loo, I had a quick peep into the mirror of the bar behind me to see what I could see, I noticed that Bea was not wearing any panty, and her pussy was flashing straight at me. Bea flushed the loo and returned to the lounge, and my cock was really naughty, looking straight at her pussy.

Bea took hold of her drink and took a sip and flopped onto her stool, before crossing her legs, to prevent her from openly flashing her pussy at me. Knowing that Bea had left her panty at home, but not wanting to make it to obvious that I knew, I kept looking into her eyes as we carried on chatting. Bea moved closer towards me, and running her fingers through my hair, and running her finger nails along my chisel chest every now and then, causing my cock to get rock hard all over again. Smiling , and pinching on my nipples with her fingers, Bea burst out laughing and said, " just like Bridgette said." Looking bemused at Bea, I said, " So what has Bridgette got to do with the evening." Bea then grabbed me by hair and pulled my face closer towards hers and said, " So have you forgotten about our threesome." Bridgette had a husband just like Bea's never at home, and forwarded her the opportunity to cheat on him. (But that is for another day.) Bea took hold of her drink and had the final sip and said, " This is it for me."

Standing up from her stool as if it was time to go home, Bea then walked over to the full length window on the sleeping porch which was used as my bedroom. Standing at the window looking down at the road below, Bea asked, " Don't you get nervous looking down at the road below, I replied. " At first it was rather scary, but have got used to it by now." Bea then said, " See you have got some admirers from across the street as well." Having joined Bea at the window, and standing slightly behind her and holding on her shoulder, and both of us looking out the window at the road below, I noticed the lady from the apartment block across the street was looking in our direction. Ah no not that lady again, she is always looking hoping to see me naked again. I started to fondle with Bea's breasts through her dress, I noticed Bea was rubbing her pussy through her dress. Bea then surprised me by saying, " Should we give the poor lady across the street a show. Bea still rubbing on her pussy and me fondling on her breasts, Bea turned her face towards mine and started to nibble on my ear, causing my cock to get rock hard and pointing straight out in front of my shorts. Bea seen what she had done to my cock, she dropped my shorts to the floor, leaving me stark naked and rock hard cock in front of the window. Looking into my eyes Bea said, " hope I have not embarrassed you." Laughing I said to Bea, "Will take a lot more than that to embarrass me."

Still both of us standing in front of the window for the old lady to see, Bea grabbed hold of my cock with her two hands and started to play with my cock, and me lifting up her dress to play with her nice clean shaven pussy, it was already very wet. Rubbing on her pussy with my fingers and feeling the piercings on her pussy lips, I could sense Bea was starting to get more and more horny, and started to push up more and more on her toes from the bores of her feet, every time I touched her pussy lips. Bea slowly remove her shoulder straps from her dress, causing it to fall to the floor. Bea then flopped down, back first onto the bed, with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Spreading open her legs, and flashing her pussy by lifting her legs high into the sky, Bea started to play with her pussy, causing me to go wild with desire to have the feeling of her pussy on my lips. Dropping to my elbows on the bed and my face on her pussy, my lips on her pussy lips, the tip of my tongue pierced her pussy lips and touched on the inside of her pussy, caused Bea to scream. The tip of my tongue started to move up and down on her pussy lips, every now and then splitting her pussy lips causing a tingling feeling and forcing Bea to push my face deeper and deeper into her pussy, not wanting me to stop licking and sucking on her pussy, and my rock hard cock peeping at Bea, Bea screamed lets 69 please. With me rolling over onto my back on the bed, Bea's body falls on top of mine. Her pussy on my face and my cock in her mouth, with me sucking harder and harder on her pussy and getting the taste of pussy juice in my mouth, Bea lifts her head and started running her tongue up and down the my shaft and biting on my balls, before sucking on my cock more and more, sucking tighter and tighter on my cock and deeper and deeper into her mouth goes my cock, and I started mouth fucking Bea. Bea then bites on my shaft, causing me to stop. Suddenly Bea lifts her pussy off my face, and moves her pussy closer to my rock hard cock, sitting on her haunches and rubbing her pussy against the head of my cock, then pushing her pussy onto my cock, causing my cock to slowly enter into her pussy. Bea started to ride me, bouncing and bouncing against my ball, Bea rides me harder and harder, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, her body getting more and more ridged and her pussy getting tighter and tighter around my cock, and the feeling getting more and more warmer, Bea screaming louder and louder, until Bea screamed, "I am Cumming." Bea orgasms and collapsed on top of me. Still fucking Bea for a while longer caused me to shoot my load deep into her warm sticky moist pussy. Now with her pussy drenched with my warm sticky cum and my cock all covered with her warm sticky pussy juice, I slowly started to remove my my cock from her pussy, with my cock completely released from the clutches of her pussy, Bea grabbed hold of my cock with her mouth to suck it clean. With both her pussy and my cock clean, we both fell a sleep in each others arms.

Not knowing how long we had been sleeping, I was rudely awaken with the warm feeling of a mouth around my cock again. Opening my eyes I saw it was Bea sucking on my cock again. Sheepishly looking at me, Bea said, " I could not let this opportunity go a begging. Putting my cock back into her mouth and sucking tighter and tighter on my cock and me fondling with her breast and pulling on her nipples, Bea suddenly jumped up and forced my cock inside her pussy and started fucking me as if there was no to morrow. Bouncing her pussy hard against my body, up and down she goes faster and faster, causing her to scream more and more digging her finger nails into my chest. The noise subsides and I feel the warm pussy juice flowing around my cock. Bea climbs off my cock and sucks off all the mixture of pussy juice and cum. Looking into my eyes Bea, said, "so my day has come true since I, saw you swimming in the nude." Tiny and Bea were an uncle and aunt of mine, who could not have children, and treated me as their own.