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20 Jan 2016

Where it all started


4 minute read

My wife and I have been married for almost 15 years now and in these 15 years we have had almost all imaginable sexual experiences. I decided that I should pen them down to relive the experiences as I remember them and hopefully it will provide enjoyment to those that chooses to read them. I am no writer and my first language is not English, so please forgive me if I get any tenses and other stuff wrong. From the day we fell in love we jumped on the sexual highway at full speed and never slowed down. We were like over excited bunnies and had sex everywhere. Before we even got married we have had sex in more places than most married couples would ever have, in the car, in the cinema, in the middle of a road at night, on the windowsill of her parents’ house while her parents were watching TV right behind us inside, on the Super tube at our local swimming pool, while driving on the M2 in Johannesburg (and getting a speeding ticket in the post later on…), everywhere imaginable. So after a while we got bored and were contemplating swinging, we were both uncertain about it though and never really tried to make contact with any couples. One night we were on our way to a nightclub (my wife love dancing), when our friends called and asked if we would like to come over to their place for some drinks. I went to school with the guy and my wife went to school with the girl, they were also a couple. Now my wife were dressed very sexy in a black short mini skirt with a black top that showed a little cleavage and left just enough for the imagination to go wild… My wife has long blonde hair, small waist, but nice hips, 36 C breasts, and a gorgeous face that can drive any guy over the edge with her natural flirtatious nature. After a couple of drinks the guy started telling me how lucky I am to have a wife like this and that he wished he could fuck a girl like that just once in his life. I then told my wife to flirt a little more and drive him wild. I also mentioned to him that I am not a jealous person and that he should flirt with her to see how she reacts. His girlfriend at the time took the whole episode as a joke and never really got upset about it. Later that night his girlfriend said she was very tired and asked us to excuse her because she is going to bed. After she went to bed I took off my wife’s top and bra and started massaging her shoulders and breasts. I then told my friend he should take over. He was hesitant at first but later got over his nervousness and started massaging my wife’s naked shoulders. She took his hands and moved it over her breasts. I could see he was bursting with excitement and I whispered in her ear and asked if she would consider having sex with him. She said she would like to, but that it would not be fair towards his girlfriend. I told her that she would never find out if none of us didn’t say anything. We all agreed to never say a word about it and soon after he was between her legs and fucking her bareback. I never thought I would get so excited watching another man have sex with my wife, but it turned me on like nothing has ever done before. Watching my sexy wife have sex, the soft moans she made, the expressions on her face while he was ramming her, she was more sexy to me with another guy between her legs than ever before and at that moment our lives changed forever!! A cuckold was born… When he was about to cum, he stopped and got off of her. I took his place and she was soaking wet, that made me even more horny, the fact that she got this wet because another guy was fucking her caused me to almost cum immediately, I got off of her before I came and she called my friend over again. Soon afterwards he grunted and started to ram into her hard and I knew he was cumming in her. He lay on top of her for a few seconds and then got off… I took his place and the moment I pushed my cock in her, the thought of another man cumming in my wife just seconds before made me cum aswell. They had sex only one time after that, about a month later, unfortunately his girlfriend walked in on them while they were at it so we never saw then again. This was the start of our “cuckold” lifestyle and 10 years down the line she has had more than 100 different lovers, each has got his own story behind it…

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