Written by MUIS69

05 Dec 2012

As u only have your sexy nighties on it’s quite a tricky thing to pass all the

other villas to get to the beach..The excitement builds up. As we get to the

beach, we walk and just hold hands...ur sexy body glitters in the


see ur curves, ur perfectly round breasts...ur sexy butt, what a turn on...as

we walk, i stop and hold u. [passionately kissing u, stroking my hands all

over, I hear u grasping, i know, the connection is there. I lead u to the

rocks...I sit down and pull u down on top of me. Facing my way. I feel the

fresh naked flesh..touching me all over..the moonlight shining over the

sea...the crashing of waves. I lift your nighties; I feel your naked breasts

touching my chest...your nipples growing harder..Stiff.U feel my erection

growing..I am tempted to just slide it in, but i want to

please...tease...suck. Lick...I kiss u passionately..Intense deep..my tongue

searching for more...your reaction turns me on. I am so horny..while I kiss

i.e. take of my pants. I am naked..all alone on the rocks...I put my hard

cock up against my stomach...I slide your now wet pussy on top of my cock..u

moans..u enjoy it. I feel your wet g string, I can rip it off. I resist. I use

my cock sliding u up and down..trying to touch every part of your wet


remove your g string..your naked pussy lips touches my hard erected shaft of my

hugh cock...I just want it in, I resist slide urself up and


to enter, we kiss passionately..Intense..we need air..we are hot..sweaty..ur

wet..u feel my first natural wet drop from my penis...the juices mix..Its



I play with your nipples; I want them in my mouth. I reach out for your

bum..fold my hands under it and push u up and down my shaft..even harder

now..wet..slippery..I push u down so that your clit is stimulated..your clit

touches my cock.its hard..Its becomes bigger. I can feel it. I am tempted to

slip it in..it’s so easy..cause you’re so wet. juices mixing..I stimulate your


with my cock and movements...I kiss u..deep..sucking, want more..I feel your

hard nipples o my chest..It turns me on, I moan..mixing the groans and moans

cumming from u..I stroke your clit..up and down...u grasps want to cum...I

stop a moment...I take some juices and stroke your bottom with it..your slime

wet. It’s so easy just to insert my finger up your bum..I resist....i

play...press harder..I stimulate your sensitive spot between your bum and wet

pussy...I insert the tip of my finger...ur wet...u press down...u want

more...the waves...the moon..The sea...u and me!!!!!I play with the sensitive

spots..all around your bum..taking my cock, now harder..stroking it around your

dark entrance of your bum...I pick u, turn u around, i bend my hard cock

forward..I sit u astride, facing away, I can play with your nipples..pinch

it..hard..press it..with the same rhythm as your throbbing pussy. wet,wild

and wanting. It so juicy we slip al over,i take control, placing u on my

cock facing to the front again pull u back and forth, sliding on my cock,i

bend u forward,ur clit sliding over my cock...u close to cumming,i resist

the temptation of entering,ur so wet,,god,i can go in,i am so horny,,i can

cum,i lift myself up, bend u little forward, using my cock to stroke your

bum..tempting to slowly enter..I take your hand, putting it on your wet pussy..u

starts stroking your now very hard clit..u moan grasp massage your

its..press your nipples..pull it..getting to wild and rough, getting out of

control, still sliding u up and down..u feels my cock when it reaches the front

while playing with your clit...I stimulate your bum, i take my cock and press

against your bum...round..find juices and press around the area..moving my

cock all over your pussy!!!!!!!!

I suddenly bend u forward...our bodies touch, me behind...I guide my hugh

cock towards your wet waiting wanting pussy..I guide it towards the

opening..touching your waiting pussy..slowly guiding s,slipping it


your warm juices..ooozing out,,wantingme in rythm starting..pushing,i


my cock..I turn u around,lay u on the rocks.....start to kiss your hard

nipples...holding your hands in suspencion..u havnt got control..I am in

control,u want to touch me..u cant,i resist..I nibble at your

nipples...release one hand,putting it on your clit..with your two fingers..pres

and stroke it,u moan..I want u know...I start to lick your wet pussy..I slide

my tongue trough your pussy lips..I move down..lick your bum..go back..slide

between your lips..get hold of your clit..my tongue and your fingers meet..I suck

them, suck your clit..I open my mouth and cover your whole wet pussy in my

mouth, u hold my head..stroking my hair..push my head towards your pussy..U


rhythm...in out...u feel my tongue...in out...I use my tongue and start sucking

your clit...harder and harder...I bite it between my tongue...suck it...gasping


wet pussy...that fills my mouth..I start stroking your clit with my


close to cumming..u moans..I lift up your bum..I want more...u thrust your body

upwards..u want me..u moan..I lick..suck a..taste the sweet slime juices

just getting more and more..your oozzing juices now....u wants to suck me..I

resist..my cock leaking love juices...slime..dripping. u forces me


me down and start stroking my cock with your mouth..holding it in both

hands..u adores it..u lick it..u folds it close with your warm mouth..u taste


cum..that oozes out..u can’t wait finger itself..stroking that now hard

clit..u wants more..u suck...making moaning. Noises..its torture..u wants me

badly..sucking..stroking..licking...u move forward..u sit astride

me..lowering u slowly..u wants to feel me inside u..u want me..that hard

cock..u slowly feels my cock..entering, finally u feels itself filling up with

love...touching...all over..your feel the thrust of me moving slowly deep in

and out..u start making movements..get the rythem.in and out..I grab your

bum..Pushing it op and down..I want to explode..I just hear your screaming

with passion..love..lust..Excitement..the waves..the moon..all mix in a

peaceful world around us...I explode my warm load..I fill u up..everything

dies s down...I hold u so close..so deep..I feel your wet pussy

throbbing..still cumming..all over me..u feel my cock expanding and pumping

juices into your body..u taste it..feel it..experience it..we just fall over

in each others arms and feel our tender bodies...the heartbeat slowly

getting to normall....and enjoy each others touch..caressing