Written by S

25 Aug 2018

We have had the privilege of enjoying the lifestyle for so many years now, and what has amazed me is my timid shy wife’s growth into a full on naughty sex godess. I am not one too boast but my goodness she has a sex drive of a 17year old high school boy. Last night I went and train I come home get in the shower walk out to find her on our bed in nothing but high heels a dildo in her pussy, porn on the tv.

I am still half wet from the shower and a bit taken by surprise. Still tiered and lame from gym it takes me sometime to react. She asks me to help her out a little. I am next to the bed cock at her mouth and rubbing her tits. She has some awesome toys and I see her naughty drawer is open. She says to me “let me cum with the dildo then come pound my pussy”. Now this pounding came from a recent “house party” where we happened to hook up with a couple where the guy only knew one speed “jack hammer pounding”, he just ploughed away and she seems to have taken a liking to me taking control and fuck her as hard as I can. I have my cock in her mouth and I am trying to rub her clit while she still carries on fucking herself with the dildo. She is close now as she is writhing around into the pillows. She starts to cum and tells me to keep rubbing her clit. She pulls the dildo out and it’s all white a creamy. She is still breathing heavy and trying to regain herself when I take the opportunity to move her onto her stomach and position my cock at her pussy from behind. I slide my cock from her shaved wet pussy to her gorgeous asshole. Fuck she is wet. I push into her full thrust, she gasps and immediately just lays her face down onto the bed. I am fucking her hard and deep but slowly. Then as i am going in and out she is rubbing her clit. She tells me not to stop which means she is going to cum again. I carry on and sure enough she cums. I think I am going to flip her over and finish in her mouth but “Oh no” she has a different idea. Wet my ass!!!!

To be absolutely honest I would fuck my wife in her butt even if I wasn’t into anal but I am into anal and sadly she has a very small tight ass so I don’t get to fuck it to much but when I do it’s amazing. I ask her if I should finger her a bit first and she says it’s fine she already played a bit earlier. I put my head at her little rose bud and with some effort I go in. I go really slow and I am in but she is squeezing her ass tight around my cock. I want to cum already. Next thing she amazes me and says “Fuck me a bit harder”. I pick up the pace and soon she is biting The pillow and I am “pounding her ass”. I tell her I want to cum and again she amazes me “Cum in my ass you dirty bastard”. I start cumming and she says “I can feel it your cumming in my ass”. I lean on her back and tell her I am gonna pull out.

How did I get so lucky from catholic school girl to full on hot porn slut