28 Jan 2019

the sun shines brightly behind a glass wall of windows. the beams of light shower onto the bed, you laying there, next to me. neither of us wearing a stitch of clothing. your right arm is draped over my chest, and a white sheet flung over both of us, covering a bit of my mid section, and more of you. four intertwined feet enjoying the glowing light of day at the other end of the bed...

your eyes open, slowly, but you smile instantly. you kiss my bare chest and stretch out over me, running your fingers across my body. i moan a sleepy moan and stir under you. you lean up and kiss my mouth, and again, i respond with a sleepy moan, which makes you smile a very sexy and naughty smile. without hesitation, you reach down and feel how wet you suddenly are. you slide a finger between your lips and bring it to your mouth to taste your sweetness. then you get an even more mischievous look on your face.

you pull the sheet from my body, leaving just a corner covering a part of my left leg. you smile more broadly when you see him resting, and you fondly remember last night's adventures, which sends a warm shiver down your body and makes you wetter. without warming, you lean down and gently lick the end of the shaft and the head. you re-position yourself to be more comfortable and accessible. you lick again, hardly, but more slowly, running your tongue up more of the shaft and taking just a little bit longer over the head. you bury your hand between your legs and let out a soft sensual moan when you hand meets your wet lips. you raise your hand, fingers covered with your sweet juice and take hold of my shaft. the wetness allows you to stroke a new semi-responsive shaft easier, your hand sliding across my skin. you look up at me and see me stirring in my sleep. you smile, take the base of the shaft in your hand and lean down to take the whole head in your mouth.

you hold onto the shaft and are pleasantly surprised by a swelling head in your mouth. the reaction and response makes you wetter. you keep your one hand on my shaft, and run your other hand down between your legs. you are still surprised by how wet she gets, but you love it, and enjoy the feeling of your fingers on your throbbing clit while you've got my head in your mouth. as your fingers dart over your clit, you moan out loud, still with my head in your mouth. he responds further still, swelling up more. i moan again, stirring more this time, but you don't stop. you feel the shaft growing hard in your hand, and the head swelling further still. you slowly pull your mouth off the head, but let the beads of spit cling to the head and your lips. you hold onto the base of my shaft firmly and slowly raise your hand up the shaft, squeezing my rock hard cock in your hand. as if you're squeezing it from my shaft, by the time you reach the head, a huge wad of precum is oozing out. you think for a second, wondering whether to lap it up or play with it, but then you just lusciously lick my head and smile at the sweet taste of my precum. you are pleasantly surprised when licking the precum off my head when you hear me call out "oh my fuck!".

i am now wide awake, and so so pleasantly surprised to find your head on my belly, my rock hard cock in your mouth and you playing with your very wet pussy at the same time. i instinctively respond by gently nudging upward with my hips, and you stop and turn your head and smile at me. you don't let go of my shaft. holding it tightly still, you lean up and i lean down so i can kiss you. i take your head in my hands and pull you closer as i lean down and firmly plant my lips on your. i push my tongue into your open waiting mouth and taste us from your tongue. i like the taste of my precum and your spit in your mouth, it makes me harder, which you feel and instinctively squeeze harder. i gasp in your mouth and break the kiss and i whisper to you, in a suppressed, desperate, tone: "christine, i want you, i need you now". you give me a devilish smile and lean away from me, and then whisper back at me, all too sexy: "this is for me andy, you'll have to wait until later for your turn", and without another word, you turn away from me and take my aching cock back into your mouth. i moan out load and reach down and put my hands on your head. i look down and am mesmerised by the view of your naked body over and beside mine. i run my hand down your curved back to your ass and cup a cheek in my hand, squeezing gently at first, then harder when you respond with your tongue.

i try to pull you a little higher so i can play with you too, but you resist. you slide your hand out between your legs and push my hand away from you. i am very surprised by how wet your hand is, and bring my hand to my mouth to lick your wetness from my fingers. i go back to squeezing your ass while you work on my rock hard cock. i can feel how much precum i'm messing in your mouth, and by your response, it seems to be having a wicked effect on you too. i cannot resist and again make nudge my hips upward, trying to get more of my cock in your mouth, and you take it. you remove your hand from my shaft and hold onto my leg and welcome the nudges. i see your hand going back between your legs to play with your now dripping pussy. as you re-position yourself on the bed, i notice the mess you're making on the sheets. i keep gently nudging upward, into your mouth and weave my hands through your hair, to position your head just perfectly to accept the nudges. i feel the extra spit it's making in your mouth mixing with my precum running down my shaft and i hear you moaning.

you suddenly change things around, and i sense a growing urgency with you. you straighten out your one leg, to give you more room and easier access to your drenched pussy. you keep your one hand on your clit, and you bring your other hand back to my shaft. you position your head just above my belly button, so that my head fits perfectly in your mouth. then you start stroking. your hand slides easily up and down the length of my throbbing shaft as your spit and my precum lubricate your efforts. i feel your sense of urgency growing further, and i recognize the tension in your body, which drives me wilder still. you start sucking harder, swallowing all the precum i'm messing in your mouth, i can feel you squirm under your own hand and i can now match the urgency with which you're satisfying both of us.

i reach down and slide my hand between your cheeks, feeling your hot wetness, and every time you run your own hand down hard over your lips and your fingers touch mine, it's as though it sends electric shock waves through both of us. you can't hold out any longer. i push harder against you as i feel you tense up and your hips buck, my cock jumps out of your mouth as you through your head back in a hard moaning scream as you cum.your warm pussy juice runs over my finger tips, but i keep my hand there. your tensing body, your moans, your screams, the warm juice over my fingers, it sends me to another level of pleasure. you haven't let go of my shaft the entire time you were playing and cumming, and now i can't hold out anymore either.

you lay your head on my tummy, and i rush to reach down to take your head in my hands again. you're gasping from how hard you came, still trying to catch your breath again. you sense the urgency of my actions and advances and i hear your purr up at me without turning your head back to me : "cum for me baby, let me have all of it" and you lean forward again, taking just the head of my rock hard cock into your mouth again.

as you close your warm lips around my throbbing, swollen, aching head, you bring your hand up my shaft, again, and again, and again, increasing the pace as you hear my moaning intensify and quickly turn to grunts. my hands holding more urgently onto your head, fingers woven between your beautiful hair. i cannot hold out. you sense my impending eruption and tighten your grip and take just a little more of me in your mouth. i sense what you want me to do and let go.

my hips buck up into the air, lifting your head and shoulders up with it. my head arks back and i grunt loudly, intensely, deeply. and then i explode. your mouth is still wrapped around my head, and your hand still stroking intensely, as if you're still working for your own reward. blasts of thick hot milky white cum erupt from my cock, into your mouth. you swallow as much as you can, but it's a lot of cum. you keep stroking and keep swallowing, but some of my cum leaks onto your chin and drips onto my belly. you hold me in your mouth as i slowly subside, holding onto my shaft as well. you swallow again, and then you take your mouth off my cock, beads of cum cling to your lips and stretch from my pulsating cock as you lift your head. you look back at me, and then you stroke twice more, allowing the last of my cum to ooze out and run over your hand. you smile mischievously at me, knowing the effect it has on me, while you lick your lips. you let go of my shaft, and lick my cum from your hand. i can't wait, i lunge forward, taking your head in my hands again, i kiss you hard. thrusting my tongue into your mouth. tasting both of us from your tongue and lips. you gasp into my mouth and kiss me back...