19 Sep 2016

Friday evening we were invited to have dinner with Karine(wyfie's best mate) and her family.

Got there around 19H00. Karine was looking lovely a black dress, strapped heels and shoulder straps with the front showing a fair amount of cleavage.

Kids, ours and theirs soon vanished to the play den, got the Wii and Play Station going. This left us as two couples to chat, enjoy the 'apero' and just mellow out after having wrung out the first work week. Wyfie was glad to be free of childcare while baby slept. Karine's(and my) little one was up but in the other room with the kids.

During the apero, Karine and I and wyfie each stole knowing glances, while we chatted to Karine's hubby. I let karine know that my eyes were devouring her. Seated with wyfie on one couch, overlooking karine and her hubby almost opposite. Her hubby needed to fetch wine and invited my wife to go with him and decide what she'd like to have. Her pick he said. Out of sight, I had all eyes on Karine, she smiled and got up and walked to the corner of the lounge, where there was a book case and shelves of old vinyl records. I joined her, swiftly grasping her from behind, pressing my crotched into her butt and cupping her pussy over her dress at the crotch, while I nuzzelled her neck. Then I turned her to me, kissed her full on the mouth, while I got my to her pussy. Our tongues danced and I could feel her press her pussy into my hand. Right then I had a thought, a very cheeky and bold thought. I dropped down to my knees, hiked up her dress, and she stood, gasping, while I pulled her g-string to one side at the front, place my mouth over her shaven pussy and gave her fuckhole a French kiss, driving my tongue inside her. I worked it furiously and flicked her clit back and forth.

Kids busy on their games, wyfie taking her time(knowing I'd be 'using the opportunity'), I sucked karine and licked her clit back and forth until she gripped my head and bit her bottom lip, grinding her pussy into my face and came. I felt her flow, so I locked on and sucked her. Spent, she needed to steady herself. I was happy with myself. I then had another thought. I reached up and pulled down her g-string. She gave me a look of surprise. I pulled it down and bunched it up and put it behind a bunch of books. Then I kissed her, before making a b-line for the look, freshed up, washed face and rinsed mouth.

As I got back to the lounge, wife and Karine's hubby Mikael returned. Greeting them we all sat down while Karine went back to fetch kids so we could sort them out first. Kids fed, then back to the play den. This left us adults to eat peacefully. Enjoyed the Medoc chosen by wyfie that went very well with the 'faux fillet' that Karine did, served with pepper sauce and vegetables and pan fried potato with chopped onion. The food was excellent, the portions just perfect, leaving place for desert without feeling like you need to go curl around a tree to digest it.

After supper, we got more wine and retired to the lounge where we just chilled together, talking, sipping from our glasses. Kids were sleepy but we were not ready to call it an evening. So Karine told them they could fetch the sleeping bags and 'camp' in the play den. That got them excited and it took all of 30min to sort them. Baby's fed and in bed, left us more time. Karine's hubby was in very good mood, not the most talkative usually, but there he was all chirpy. We enjoyed that. All through dinner, I'd rubbed the inside of Karine's legs with my feet. I had to fuck her before we left....if we left. Then opportunity struck. Michael decided he'd had enough and showed signs of tiredness. He nevertheless insisted we stay in the guestroom as we did consum more alcohol than we should have. He chatted, we joked and laughed and then we realised he'd been overtaken by tiredness and had his head leaned against the couch. Karine joked that he should leave for his bedroom before he snored there with us watching. Michael decided to lie straight down along the one couch, so Karine came and sat on the other side of wyfie, so wyfie was between Karine and I.

Eventually Michael was asleep and my hands found both wyfie's shoulds and then Karine's too. Wyfie grew bold. Her eyes on Michael, she unzipped me and pulled my cock free. As she stroked my cock to full mast, she pulled back and up Karine's dress, surprised to find her g-string missing, then smiled at me. wyfie rubbed Karine's clit. Karine didn't dare speak or make any move, she was trapped by her sexual addiction and her fear of Michael waking up. wyfie then left my cock and turned to Karine, got her finger inside her Karine and fucked her to orgasm with it, before encircling her clit to maintain and force her deeper into it. I got bold, got up, and stook over the side arm of the couch. Wyfie turned Karine's face to my cock and cupped her head at the back, holding her head in position, I penetrated her mouth, then her throat, repeatedly, giving her time to breathe. All the while wyfie worked K's pussy. Then K moaned on my cock while her orgasm slowly let rip. She was loud and for an instant, we thought Michael would awake. I personally would have preferred he opened his eyes. I want his wife that much.

Then wyfie leaned in and pulled my cock from Karine's mouth and penetrated wyfie's mouth. She moaned as she serviced my cock. Karine then voluntarily leaned in herself, I switched the cock from wyfie's mouth to Karine's. Then wyfie got up, helped Karine up. We went to the guest bedroom far end of the ground floor. Michael soundly asleep, wyfie helped me undress Karine. Karine on her back, her legs up over my shoulders, wyfie's mouth on Karine's nipples and breasts, we fucked Karine together. I inseminated her pussy three times betweeen sucking and fucking her.

Then we lay in bed with cuddling, caressing Karine. She wanted to leave, so I said she could, but not till I've had all of her. She looked at me and then went down on me. Wyfie and kissed and caressed and sucked wyfie's breasts till I sipped her milk. Down below, I felt my own milk being extacted. Wyfie and kissed and gazed down, watching as Karine selfessly pleased my cock. Done she got up to leave but first came to kiss me. At that point I grasped her and pulled her back to bed. She was surprised but also concerned that if Michael woke to pee, he'd probably go upstairs and not find her there. I duly informed her that I didn't have all of her. She smiled, saying she knew I hadn't fucked her arse yet and she knew she'd have to let me but could it not wait till before breakfast. We promised and she left.

Wyfie fed baby, then slept. 6am, I was awake, morning 'wood' between my legs. I was wondering what would happen. Wyfie was out, lost. I put on my boxer and went to the lounge, Michael was not on the couch. Kids still asleep. I had a drink of water and turned to my room. Just then I heard Karine's footsteps on the stairs comming down. She smiled when she saw me. I hugged and kissed her. She told me Michael asleep, soundly. She had just treated his morning wood to a suck and swallow and he's not likely to wake up soon. He was not up to fucking her. I kissed her hard, almost biting her lip. Then I took her back to the bathroom on the ground floor. Inside, I pushed her to her knees and let her suck my long, thick throbbing cock. The sexy bitch knez how to please me. I then pushed her into a doggy position. Penetrated her pussy first, lubricating my cock, then I found her back door and inched my way in.

I took my time getting in, all then way in, balls deep in her tight asshole before I reamed her back end like it was her front end. My morning wood is never easily satisfied. I took a break, going down kissing her, caressing her, before resuming my anal pleasures. I finally went deep and creamed her asshole. I felt at least 7 good spurts before I was spent. I pulled out, helped her up. She stood behind me at the sink. washed my cock, then she turned me, kissed me, leaned down and kissed my cock, then we seperated, my seemn running out of her ass and down her ass cheek.

Later we all had breakfast, Michael was non the wiser and we left. When I kissed Karine goodbye, I whispered, " I want you again already" .....she smiled....