Written by Mrs...Beadscouple

21 Nov 2017

And then the day came to meet mr again.....waiting for him at another garage my nerves almost got the beter of me....and then i saw him! He waved at me and show i must follow him. Like a love sick puppy i followed. We stopped at a guest house and went to the room. My heart was beating so hard that i think mr heard it. He closed the door and he was next to me. Kissing me.....touching me. He started to take off my clothes and lay me softly down on the bed.....kissing me and slowly moving down my body. I just want to feel him......and then i feld him between my legs. Muffing me and in a instant i was squirting. He didnt stop. Neither did i....I feel him moving to my body again. I was trembeling under his touch. I can feel how he slowly moved inside of me....oh wow wow wow......thats were the nic name on the chat room came from "mr Beads" i didnt want him to stop. He made me cum over and over again.....that hour we were together was way to short.......

Part 3 follow shortly