Written by NoRomantic

21 May 2013

he likes kissing, so he kissed me for a long time, I could feel my pussy getting all excited

he licked me til I came, put his finger inside me and sucked on me til I came again

I sucked him for quite a while, licking his balls and deep throating his shaft ans sucking around his tip, licking his tip and taking his shaft in again

he asked me to do 69

he put his fingers inside me and his thumb or something on my clit and I came close to orgasm while sucking on his cock, so I couldnt otherwise than move up and down on is hand, him spreading my pussy, licking every now and then...god I screamed and screamed til I couldnt be on all 4's anymore coz the tensing of my legs got too much

so told him I want him to fuck me now

he fucked me sideways, my one leg straight and other one over his leg...that feels quite good..the friction is more intense

I got very excited and told him I want him to see his cock fucking me as I cum

so put my legs either side of him with him sitting up and I rubbed my clit while he slowly fucked me and he could feel me getting close as my pussy got warmer and wetter (his words)

I came and he fucked me hard and I screamed again, my legs are still numb as I sit here 40min later