01 Jan 2019

The chocolate sauce drizzled

over your nude flesh and slowly dripped it's way

down your body. One tiny squirt at a time, I

began to coat you. I started on one nipple,

allowing the cold thick liquid to tickle it's way

down the breast. You shivered from the initial

chill of it but quickly heated up again. It was like

a tiny cold tongue licking you as the droplet slid

over your breast and down your side. Another

droplet was added, slightly to the side of the first

and it's path ended up on your belly. Drop by drop I

coated your stiffening nipple. As I started on the

second breast, you were having a hard time laying

still. The tickles of a dozen drops drizzling down

your flesh was driving you insane. You felt sticky

and chilly from the chocolate slowly drying on you. You moaned shifted, and I laughed and let another drop go. This nipple I coated with more

chocolate, letting gobs of cold sticky sweet

chocolate mess cover it and run in all directions

at once. You shivered and laughed, it felt so

good. As I moved the chocolate flow over

slightly, I began to coat your belly, the cold liquid

making you squeal as a great squirt splashed on

You. I was getting excited, you could tell. I wanted to cover you faster and faster and though I still took my time, my own arousal was

getting the better of me. I drew a line down

your body and then continued it down your thigh.

The chocolate dripped down the bend of your leg

and I licked your inner thighs. You moaned. You

could feel your own juices flowing just as freely.

Your pussy is hot and wet and slippery as you

shifted your legs compared to the sticky cold

chocolate. Down the rest of your leg, I finished

the first bottle, and you heard it tossed away.

Tags: adventure, arousal, licking