Written by Orangeswing

22 Jun 2015

Had fun with wyfie and Jean last night....joined by Stephane.

First Jean came over late night, and we just started to stimulate wyfie in the guest bedroom downstairs. Then 15minutes into me licking her pussy and Jean putting his mouth over her breasts and nipples, Stephane joined us, having previously arranged with me. He let himself in, following my SMS messages.

Stripping off his trouser, her kissed wyfie and said hello to her. She kissed him back. Then leaning over, he inserted his cock into her mouth, and she nursed, showing him how much she missed him. This made me suck her with more. Jean nursed her breasts and reach down. I tongue fucked her, while Jean rubbed her clit. Soon had her moaning and lifting her pussy to my mouth, grinding it againts my tongue and Jean's finger.

Stephane repositioned himseld so he could use his hip. He steadied her head and slowly began to stroke in and out of her mouth, until we hear her gag; Then he let her breathe and she understood his need. Her tongue now permanently held out, she gave him full access to her throat. Stephane fucked her mouth and throat slowly, while Jean and I sent her into her second orgasm. She moaned, while Stephane still kept her mouth busy. Then he arched his back, cradled her head in his hand and pumped her mouth full of seed. Some of it dripped out the side but Jean used his finger and pushed Stephane's sperm back into her mouth, while Stephane temporarily withdrew. Then he pushed it back into her mouth and worked his seed down her throat. Then it was Jean's turn......then mine.....then each of them went down to suck her and tongue fuck her to another orgasm.

Spent, we all lay with her. Occasionaly putting a cock in her mouth. She looked so at peace, sucking on it lazily. Then we set about fucking her. Ass, pussy, dp, three way.....made her sweat....made us sweat. Had her grunting and moaning and biting her lower lip when she wasn't chomping down on hard cock! Looking at us fuck her this way, it just struck me, how do people think any woman should be limited to one cock for all eternity, what a waste. Here was proof of what they need and what we need to do more and more.

She took more seed but in her pussy this time...